Aruze Gaming Reveals Its Newest Slot Machine at Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas

A Japanese-based gaming provider with offices in Las Vegas has revealed its newest slot machine at Global Gaming Expo in Sin City. Aruze Gaming unveiled Rock Paper Scissors Instant Win slot machine during the last day of this week's Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. The new game is based on a hand game predicted to have originated in China centuries ago.

The slot machine will bring a school-yard pastime game to casino floors. Also called Rochambeau, Rock Paper Scissors slot game will challenge players to predict the correct guess the machine will display during each play. Players will choose either rock, paper, or scissors.

During the unveiling of the game, the senior director of marketing at Azure Gaming noted that the new game was a perfect addition to the company's portfolio. Lesley Hodges exclaimed that nobody would have thought a simple game like rock, paper, scissors could become a high-energy rewarding game that players would want to play every time.

Every win will get a player a prize. In case of a tie, the game will go in a player's favor, allowing them to play another round for free. The prize value will also increase with every tie.

Rock Paper Scissors Shoot

Aruze Gaming did not leave it to chance to impress attendees at the Global Gaming Expo. The gathering was the largest since 2019. Apart from unveiling the rock paper scissors game, the gaming manufacturer also revealed a new craps game.

The slot machine leverages a familiar game across the world. It traces back to China, during Han's dynasty, around 206 Before Common Era. The game quickly spread in Asia, gaining more popularity in Japan, where it was called Sansukumi-ken, which translates to fist games.

Rock, paper, scissors made its way to America several centuries later. Its earliest reference in the country was in an article published in The New York Times in 1932. The article described the popular game and how it was played.

The game has since then become a tie-breaker in the country. Involved players count rock, paper, scissors or alternatively use one, two, three before simultaneously saying shoot or go. Each player symbolically throws either rock, paper, or scissors using their hands.

This game has four potential results. Usually, rock beats scissors, paper beats rock, and scissors beats paper. The other possible outcome is a tie.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Is a Game of Skill and Luck

Some believe that rock, paper, scissors has the same odds as flipping a coin. However, some psychologists insist you can apply a strategy when playing the game face-to-face.

A study published by Cornell University conducted by several psychologists in 2014, revealed that rock, paper, scissors players could gain an advantage when playing face-to-face. The researchers concluded that players should expect repetition from their competitors.

The study revealed that a person is likely to throw the same weapon consecutively. It also showed that when a player loses, they change often during the consecutive play. Also, new players are likely to throw rock more than other weapons.

This study might not help with the new slot machine. The game will use a random number generator, ensuring fairness. This means rock, paper, scissors players will not have the upper hand playing the slot machine.


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