Atlantic City’s Oldest Casino Rebrands For a Unique Touch

All businesses need to stand out in order to succeed. You must offer the best products and/or services, with a unique brand or schtick so to speak in order to put your business at the forefront of the industry. In Atlantic City, the gambling market is becoming crowded. With so many casinos in one small area, each one has to offer something new or interesting to appeal to visitors. The oldest casino in the bunch, Resorts Casino, is now trying a new marketing strategy to see the company rebranded and hopefully reveling in more success in the future.

One of a Kind

The new idea of Resorts is to call themselves ‘One of a Kind’. The new campaign is being considered the next evolution for the property. Mark Giannantonio, the president and CEO of Resorts casino, stated the plan is in place to help the owners continue to be successful for the next fifty years.

The One of a Kind campaign comes after the close to $140 million capital investment that joint owners, Morris Bailey and the Mohegan Sun used on property. The casino is now home to the DraftKings Sportsbook which cost close to $6 million to complete. An additional $2 million was spent to expand the Landshark Bar & Grill with retail space turned into food and beverage areas. The East Wind and Mukashi Sushi Bar was built out for $1 million, additional renovations completed on site.

The casino also recently upgraded their hotel options. the Ocean Tower portion completed a $25 million renovation with guest rooms offering a more comfortable space with tropical beach décor. Visitors can enjoy ocean vies as well as spacious bathroom areas.

Moving Forward

The branding campaign was started after the company completed market research and focused on guest feedback. They took a look at what the property stands for and focused on offering something different in the local community.

The branding change comes at a time when Resorts decided to team up with the Ocean Casino and Hard Rock, along with other local businesses nearby to launch the North Beach Atlantic City initiative. The North Beach area is home to the three casinos as well as additional attractions including the Absecon Lighthouse and businesses in Orange Loop.

Now that the casinos and local businesses have decided to work together, the section of the boardwalk where they are located is now busier than ever. According to officials, it’s the busiest in 20 years. The initiative was pushed over the summer in the hopes of generating more traffic from vacationers.

Resorts Casino has been in operation for decades. It will certainly be interesting to see if the new branding platform works out and generates more business for the company. Over the past few months, the brand has stood out in the online sector due to recent earnings.

The brand is partnered with DraftKings as well as PokerStars, offering both online casino and sports betting. Resorts continues to fall to the number two spot when it comes to online gaming revenues, coming in under the Golden Nugget. Since DraftKings joined the party and began offering online casino gaming, the license holder has flourished.

They continue to hold on to that second place spot and don’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. We shall see in the coming months how the brand continues to fare and if the new branding campaign will pay a significant role in any future success.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.