Ben Lamb Busts Daniel Negreanu in Episode 17 of the High Stakes Poker Season 10

PokerGO broadcasted High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 17 on Tuesday night. Many poker fans enjoyed watching the match between Ben Lamb and Daniel Negreanu. The episode featured the same players who engaged in Episode 16, including Eric Persson, Charles Yu, Stanley Choi, Eric Hicks, Bill Klein, Lamb, and Negreanu.

Negreanu's Bluff

Negreanu used 3♥2♥ to make a $2,000 raise from the middle position, and Lamb used A♠Q♣ to place a $7,000 three-bet. Both of them clashed in A♦Q♥K♦ flop before Negreanu checked and used three-high to call a $7,000 bet.

Even so, the turn revealed J♠, prompting the two poker pros to check as J♦ paired the board on the river. Negreanu, fondly called "DNegs" placed a $12,000 wager before playing the board, hoping to win the pot. Lamb had two pair on the board when he opted to fold.

Unfortunately, an inferior hand beat Lamb in the pot as Negreanu revealed the bluff. But Choi beat the former in a $93,000 pot as he lost the Royal Flush draw.

Persson Attempts a Big Bluff Against Klein

Eric Persson stunned his supporters in a thrilling Episode 17 hand when he tried to bluff into Klein's aces. Lamb kicked off the action by using a J♦ to make a $3,000 raise, and Klein used J♦ to make a $11,000 three-bet on the button.

Persson had 6♥6♦ in the small blind when he called, prompting Lamb to call. The flop revealed 2♠A♦3♥ as Klein used a set of aces to wager $8,000 after two checks. Persson made a $23,000 raise and beat Lamb in the pot.

Even so, the wager didn't send Lamb packing. Klein called and revealed a 10♦ turn as Persson drew dead. Still, the latter placed a $39,000 bet as the former called.

K♣ landed on the river, making Persson lose hope. He made a button check and influenced Klein to fold while avoiding a flopped straight.

What Were the Show's Chip Stacks?

  1. Eric Persson – $578, 800
  2. Bill Klein – $363,700
  3. Ben Lamb – $355,100
  4. Stanley Choi – $326,400
  5. Eric Hicks – $237,700
  6. Daniel Negreanu – $210,500
  7. Charles Yu – $160,300

Negreanu's Exit

Yu began the episode's last hand by using 8♥5♥ to make a $4,000 raise, while Negreanu used 10♠9♠ to call on the button. Lamb held Q♥Q♦, a vital hand in the small blind that he raised to $19,000. Negreanu made a 6♠9♥Q♠ flop.

Negreanu and Lamb were determined to win the flop. The latter placed a $17,500 wager before snap-calling and making a $119,000 all-in move. They decided to run it twice, as Negreanu had to avoid pairing the board and get a flush draw.

He lost a runout when 7♣ landed on the board, followed by 4♥ guaranteeing Lamb of getting a share of the $285,000 pot. The odds favored Lamb in the other runout as it came 6♣ and 10♣ earning him the whole pot and ending the episode. Season 11 of the show will begin in the fall, and PokerGO will announce its release date soon.


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