Ben Lamb Gives Eric Persson a Run for His Money in the Recent High Stakes Poker Episode

PokerGO broadcasted its recent High Stakes poker show on Tuesday night, which Daniel Negreanu and Ben Lamb dominated. Its table closely resembled that of last week's show. It featured seven players, including Eric Persson, Eric Hicks, Charles Yu, Stanley Choi, and Bill Klein.

What Were the Top Participants'' Stack Sizes?

  1. Eric Persson – $727,000
  2. Ben Lamb – $336,800
  3. Charles Yu – $300,000
  4. Bill Klein – $154,700
  5. Eric Hicks – $150,400
  6. Stanley Choi – $144,500
  7. Daniel Negreanu – $111,600

How Did Things Unfold in the Show?

Lamb used K♠J♥ to make a $3,000 raise in the first hand and later called the $13,000 three-bet, which Choi made using A♠K♥. Yet, a monotone flop turned 4♥5♥6♥ as the two players hid one heart. Lamb checked, and Choi used a superior flush draw to place a $7,000 continuation wager.

One player called, and a 5♦ board appeared and checked the river's 8♦. Choi and Lamb missed flush draws and were left with high cards.

The latter had a $19,500 lead before bluffing. He beat Choi and Persson for a $150,000 pot after hitting trip aces in the next hand.

Negreanu's Heater

Negreanu, fondly called "Kid Poker" was known for his bad runs during High Stakes Poker in the past. But, the deck favored him on Episode 16.

Persson used 4♠4♦ to wager $3,000 for the bottom set after the $13,000 in the pot turned 8♠6♦4♥. Kid Poker used 10♥7♦ to call and sought a double gutter. Even so, the K♣ wasn't helpful, thus prompting Persson to wager $9,000.

He got a call, and the 5♠ on the river cracked his set. The player placed a $30,000 bet and later raised it to $75,000. He didn't rush to make the next move until Negreanu confused him after revealing the 10♥.

Persson opted to fold as Lamb resumed playing, using a bottom pair to pull off a bluff. It earned him a $27,000 pot after beating Klen for a higher pair and Hicks for a straight draw.

Lambs cracked Persson's top pair after several minutes before raising a $6,000 wager to $31,000. He got a call as Klein's three-bet preflop, and K♠K♥ lost to Negreanu's 9♥9♦ in the Q♣10♠9♠ flop.

The latter's $6,000 wager was called, and the 8♠ landed on the turn. Negreanu and Klein checked while a river 8♦ paired the board.

Klein had a $10,000 lead and got in a tricky position when he used an overpair to make a $60,000 raise. Negreanu turned a full house and prevented Klein from getting a fold.

The former's great run continued against Persson in the following hand. Persson landed an inferior straight on the river while Negreanu turned a nut straight.

This increased the pot to $101,000, and Persson folded a big river raise. Lamb used a set of aces to face Yu's pocket jacks and won an over $110,000 pot. Season 10 will end after next week's episode, and PokerGo will air Season 11 sessions.


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