Best Casinos in the US Chosen: Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Top the List

Casinos in the United States are considered by many enthusiasts the best in the world. At the moment, there is only one place that could perhaps parry Las Vegas, and that is Macau. Nevertheless, Las Vegas has a much longer tradition and attracts many more tourists.

In other words, the US — and Vegas in particular — is the place with a very high competition when it comes to casinos, and it is safe to say that the best US casino can probably be considered one of the best casinos in the world overall.

Recently, Business Insider analyzed guest reviews for all Las Vegas casinos at TripAdvisor and made some really interesting conclusions. Out of all casinos, Wynn Las Vegas and Encore were at the first and second place, respectively, according to user reviews. Business Insider then decided to make a top 50 casinos in the US list, which is based mostly on the ratings and reviews at TripAdvisor.

According to the list, both Wynn and Encore received more than 31,000 five-star ratings on the popular site for travelers, and both sit at 4.5 when it comes to overall rating. As for reviews, Encore currently has 17,500 user reviews, while Wynn Las Vegas is at 25,200.

Marilyn Spiegel happens to be the president of both of these venues. Spiegel commented on the list, stating that they were honored to see so many positive reviews from the guests. She added that five-star amenities had always been paramount to them, and that they were very appreciative that the guests of the two resorts had taken their time to share their experiences and make recommendations.

Other Accolades

The two resorts are somewhat accustomed to getting high ranks and being proclaimed the best in the world. In fact, Wynn Resorts was recently named by Forbes Travel Guide the highest-scoring hotel company on the entire planet. That definitely tells us something about the level of their service.

Another interesting accolade that the company received was by FORTUNE Magazine in 2019 as the “World’s Most Admired” ranking winner. Finally, Wynn Resorts won the Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List in 2019. In fact, they received this prize for the 12th time, meaning that they are pretty much accustomed to it.

How Do They Do It?

The high level of service is, therefore, undeniable in the two resorts. But what is exactly their secret recipe for success? Many casinos come and go for one reason or another, but none of them managed to match the level of perfection that Wynn Resorts offers. Some people would say it is the great management that leads the resort to this victory, while others would claim its the individual effort of every worker there. It is probably the combination of these two things, in addition to many other goodies that guests can expect when they visit the casinos and hotels that topped the Business Insider list.

These two being that good doesn’t mean that other resorts in Las Vegas have a bad offer. On the contrary, Vegas is a highly competitive city and resorts battle every day to offer better services and win guests’ hearts. Therefore, wherever you choose to go to in Sin City, you will not make a mistake. It’s just that Wynn is probably a little better, at least according to the majority of online reviews.

Visiting Las Vegas is always fun, though, regardless of the hotel you choose to stay. If you plan to visit Wynn, however, make sure to book your room on time!


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