Betr Expected to Expand Product

Betr is a name that is starting to become much bigger in the online sports betting industry, but it could soon expand into another new industry. Jake Paul backs this company financially, and gamblers in many states are expected to see an upcoming launch. 

While Betr is not one of the biggest online sportsbook operators in the market, it has had some success in three states where it currently operates. Sports bettors in Massachusetts, Ohio, and Virginia have already enjoyed this online sportsbook, but it could soon be more than that. 

When this first site launched it claimed to be a micro-betting site as a way to try to stand out from other operators. It has since changed to a traditional sports betting site, but now the company wants to try out online casino gambling as well. 

Online Casino Coming to Pennsylvania

When it comes to online casino gaming, Pennsylvania continues to be one of the states that is leading the industry. That is now the perfect target for Betr as it aims to join the online casino industry, while also continuing to offer sports betting. 

The Betr Casino app is expected to launch this year and the company is getting some help from the Cordish Gaming Group in order to make this possible. Cordish is a real estate and gaming company that has helped other online casino operators get started in the United States. 

Since the online casino industry continues to grow in Pennsylvania, Betr is going to have a chance to be highly-successful in the industry. Things also won’t be easy as Betr will have to compete with some companies that are well-established in the state. 

By having Jake Paul behind this company, it won’t be hard for Betr to become a recognizable name in the state. Even if Betr is not able to become a leader in Pennsylvania, there is enough action to go around to make it successful. 

More Sportsbooks Coming

Even though Betr is now going to try to get into the online casino industry, this company isn’t going to get away from what it knows. The Betr Casino app is going to be an extremely new venture, but there will also be a sportsbook app coming to Pennsylvania as well. 

A new sportsbook launch in the state of Colorado is planned as well, but there are still some things that need to happen before it is approved. Betr has not yet been approved for a license, but it has partnered with Boulter Developments in order to make that a smoother process. 

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians was looking for a sportsbook partner in Kentucky, and Betr was able to strike a deal. Those two groups have also partnered up in Indiana as Betr will look to make a big move throughout the Midwest. 

By the end of 2024, Betr is hoping to offer sports betting in seven different states, with an online casino in Pennsylvania. This will be a news story to watch throughout the year as this is an aggressive play. 


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