Billy_Slater Is the New 888poker $100,000 Mystery Bounty Champion

888poker kept its many poker players engaged last weekend when it held a $109 buy-in $100,000 guaranteed event. It attracted 945 entrants comprising 170 rebus and 785 new entries.

The largest bounty was worth $10,000 and beijamyrola won it despite finishing in the 112th position. Their total prize exceeded the $9,026 total prize that the tournament's winner took home. Ian "Simpioni" Simpson, 888poker's ambassador, left the tournament in the 60th position.

The Top Nine Finalists' Payouts

  1. Billy_Slater from Chile – a $9,026 total prize; $1,286 bounties and a $7,740 prize
  2. Diguiry from Brazil – a $7,617 total prize; $1,972 bounties and a $5,645 prize
  3. Luciole16 from Kazakhstan – a $5,769 total prize; $1,619 bounties and a $4,150 prize
  4. GuyWhite14 from Canada – a $4,087 total prize; $1,012 bounties and a $3,075 prize
  5. ProundToBeNIT from Belarus – a $2,708 total prize; $433 bounties and a $2,275 prize
  6. J0nSn0wShow from Denmark – a $4,726 total prize; $3,026 bounties and a $1,700 prize
  7. ChristaBorg from Canada – a $2,106 total prize; $826 bounties and a $1,280 prize
  8. fireis from Brazil – a $1,496 total prize; $526 bounties and a $970 prize
  9. somebody888 from Lithuania – a $833 total prize; $93 bounties and a $740 prize

How Things Unfolded at the Table

somebody888 had 9.4 big blinds when they reached the final table. They used king-queen to make a seven big blinds raise and later called the shove that GuyWhite14 jammed using pocket jacks. Unfortunately, the former didn't connect the board and exited the tournament in ninth place.

fireis followed somebody888 in eighth place after 40 minutes. An eight on the flop eliminated fireis.

ChristaBorg got busted in seventh place after pocket jacks beat their ace-queen hence losing many chips. Still, they used the ace-king of diamonds to min-raise in the cutoff that Luciole16 clicked to four big blinds. ChristaBorg made a 13.1 big blinds jam, and Luciole16 called.

The former made a flush draw flop but lacked help from the river and turn. J0nSn0wShow's run ended in sixth place shortly after using pocket threes from the bottom to make 3.4 big blinds open-shove.

Billy_Slater used ace-queen to call, flopped a queen, and sent J0nSn0wShow packing with $4,087. ProudToBeNIT left the table in the fifth position after using ace-four on the button to make a 3.2 big blinds all-in move when Luciole16 used the dominating four-deuce to make a big blind call.

Luciole16 busted GuyWhite14 in fourth place. The latter used ace-four from the small blind to make an 11.6 big blind shove when the former used pocket queens to min-raise.

An eight-high board didn't save GuyWhite, and they left the table. Luciole16 finished third when their pair of queens got them in a tricky spot. They used ace-ten to put their remaining 9.3 big blinds against the min-raise Billy_Slater made using ace-deuce.

Billy_Slater had a 2:1 chip advantage over Diguiry, but their battle ended after several hands. The latter finished second with $7,617.


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