Blake Bohn Wins His Fourth MSPT Title and $181,864 at Running Aces Casino

The Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) had a big turnout when it returned for the Winter Poker Classic at Running Aces Casino. The $1,100 Main Event had 1,015 players tallied from Day1a, Day 1b, and Day 1c, hence exceeding the previous tournament's field of 920 entrants.

Some players had two grueling poker days. Yet, 123 entrants returned for Day 2 on Sunday, hoping to win the MSPT Main Event.

Even so, Blake Bohn (MSPT Hall of Famer) beat Chan Pelton (defending Running Aces winner) in a tough heads-up match and won his record fourth MSPT Main Event title. Bohn stated after the tournament that he felt overwhelmed since he had worked hard and made many attempts to win the title.

The poker pro has put in a lot of effort to regain his winning streak since his last 2018 victory. He stated he knows poker enthusiasts have varying opinions about his form and playing style. Still, his efforts bore fruit.

Reports state that Bohn accumulated $697,800 since 2011 and won four titles. He admitted that his latest victory was hard-earned as he beat tough opponents.

The Final Table's Payouts and MSPT POY Points

  1. Blake Bohn from Eden Prairie, Minnesota – $181,864 and 1,900 points
  2. Chan Pelton from College Station, Texas – $112,074 and 1,700 points
  3. Chad Chizek from Waterloo, Iowa – $83,559 and 1,600 points
  4. Jon Hanner from St. Paul, Minnesota – $61,932 and 1,500 points
  5. Ezequiel Gonzalez from Minnetonka, Minnesota – $47,186 and 1,400 points
  6. Chris Trombley from Macomb, Michigan – $36,373 and 1,300 points
  7. Justin Thurlow from Cottage Grove, Minnesota – $28,508 and 1,200 points
  8. Craig Fierke from Roseville, Minnesota – $21,627 and 1,100 points
  9. Nik Stone from Pittsville, Michigan – $17,695 and 1,000 points

Action on the Final Day

About 108 players in the tournament were scheduled to share the prize pool. But, several entrants had to leave the event before the money bubble burst. They included Jason Sell, Dennis Stevermer, Chris Moon, and Justin Barnum.

One more level had to pass for hand-for-hand action to start. Sean Giere got two double-ups and eliminated Andrew Eik to bust the money bubble.

The latter's elimination kicked off the final table race. Players who won money but missed a seat at the final table included Umut Ozturk, Aaron Johnson, Terence Reid, Matt Kirby, and Kyna England.

The Final Table's Action

Action at the Running Aces final table started after the dinner break. Bohn and Pelton had back-and-forth eliminations. The latter busted Nik Stone in the ninth position, while the former eliminated Craig Fierke in the eighth position.

Pelton later ended Justin Thurlow's run in seventh place after his jacks hand beat his opponent's aces. Bohn busted Chris Trombley in the sixth position.

Chad Chizek sent Ezequiel Gonzalez home in the fifth position using a pair of ladies. Pelton opted to up his ante and river a set of queens to defeat Jon Hanner's pocket kings and bust him in fourth place with $61,932.

Hanner's elimination set three-handed action involving a back-and-forth shuffle of chips between Chizek, Bohn, and Pelton. But, Chizek ended it when used an inferior ace to face Bohn. He was unlucky as Bohn beat him and eliminated him in third place with $83,559.

Bohn clashed in a heads-up battle with Pelton and got the stack lead after turning Broadway. The two players continued shuffling chips for several levels until Bohn rivered two-pair and eliminated Pelton in second place in the final hand.


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