Blake Griffin News: How does he Improve the Nets’ Championship Odds?

When Blake Griffin signed a one-year, $1.2 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets this week, everyone knew it was because he believes that the Nets give him the best chance of winning an NBA Championship.

However, did Griffin’s signing improve the Nets’ odds?

After all, this isn’t “Lob City” Blake Griffin anymore. While he is reuniting with DeAndre Jordan after the duo spent almost 10 years together with the Los Angeles Clippers, neither man is the same player that they were back then. In 2021, Griffin is averaging a career-low 12.3 points per game on .365/.315/.710 shooting splits. However, he won’t need to be the top option on a team with Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving.

With that being said, the Griffin signing has given the Nets the top odds on BetOnline to win the NBA Championship. Their odds are at +260.

Blake Griffin Signing Gives Nets Top NBA Championship Odds

Odds via BetOnline as of Wednesday, March 10

  • Brooklyn Nets +260
  • Los Angeles Lakers +290
  • Los Angeles Clippers +550
  • Utah Jazz +700
  • Milwaukee Bucks +800

As recently as March 3, BetOnline had the Nets’ NBA Championship odds at +300. That was second only to the Los Angeles Lakers at the time. After signing Blake Griffin, the Nets have passed the Lakers for top odds at +260. Meanwhile, the Lakers move to +290.

Some people may be wondering how much of a difference a 31-year-old Griffin can make to the Nets. However, the one thing the Nets were missing was depth. They gave up a lot of pieces when they acquired James Harden from Houston. Being able to add a veteran like Griffin to the lineup helps them especially when Brooklyn was shallow at the power forward position.

Plus, there is always the potential that Blake Griffin can play better than he was this season. While he was a Detroit Piston, there wasn’t an incentive to try hard because the team is one of the worst in the league this season.

If Griffin was saving his potential for when he ended up on a contender, the signing could pay off big for the Nets.

Blake Griffin Also Improves Nets’ Conference Title Odds

While a lot of sports bettors focus on NBA Championship markets, there are also options for bets regarding Conference and Division winners. Before the NBA All-Star Break, the Nets were already sitting second-place in the Eastern Conference. As of March 10, they’re 0.5 games back of the Philadelphia 76ers for first. After the Blake Griffin signing, BetOnline has the Nets as the favorites to win the 2021 NBA Eastern Conference at +100.

Naturally, other top Eastern teams like the 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks could threaten the Nets’ plans. On the other hand, could Griffin end up playing to his potential. With a lineup that already has Durant, Harden and Irving, not many teams will be able to handle that offense.

When Will Griffin Make His Nets Debut?

Now that Blake Griffin signing with the Nets has been official for days, fans are wondering when he’ll make his debut. He was spotted meeting with head coach Steve Nash, so it looks like that’s the first step to his debut.

Provided that everything goes to plan, Griffin could make his debut on Thursday, March 11 against the Boston Celtics. It will be the Nets’ first game since before the All-Star break, as well as a potential playoff matchup.

Devon Platana
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