Blue Man Group — A Unique Show at Luxor

Vegas is not only parties and casinos. In fact, being an entertainment capital of the world bears much more significance than we are aware of, and all people working in the city do their best to make every visitor have an unforgettable experience. Therefore, we are able to visit a wide variety of entertainment events, including concerts, magic shows, performance shows, and more.

One of the shows that has become the favorite of many people who visit Vegas is performed by a group of artists known as Blue Man Group. They have been in Vegas since 2015, performing live at Luxor every day at 7 pm and 9:30 pm. Who are the Blue Man Group, and why are they so special? Let’s take a look!

What we see when watching a Blue Man Group show is three to seven people all painted in blue, looking like each other. They do amazing stuff with peculiar instruments, colors, and more. Their show is a real production show at its core, featuring spectacular choreography, various props, live music, and more. In fact, Blue Man Group has been actively inventing new instruments and other interesting things that they could use to enhance their show. One could say they are not only artists but also inventors!

Who Are Blue Man Group?

Blue Man Group is actually not a new project. In fact, it was created back in 1987. They immediately became popular for incorporating various art forms into their shows. However, the fact that they are entirely blue is something that attracted attention and stayed with people for a very long time.

The group was formed by three close friends, Phil Stanton, Matt Goldman, and Chris Wink. The three of them were all living on Manhattan back in 1987 when they also had their first practice together. The first public appearance was during a celebration at the end of the decade. Their first performance included Rambo doll burning and bringing a piece of the Berlin Wall, with the union of Berlin being one of the main topics those days.

MTV was very popular back in the day, and one of their journalists, Kurt Loder, drew attention to the peculiar-looking young group of performance artists. The three blue men did not take long to take it from streets to small clubs in New York, where they started earning their first money. Just a couple of years later, Blue Man Group was performing at the Astor Place Theatre, which was sold out.

They had several national and global tours and were a part of many TV shows. In other words, they created a name for themselves, and people who like watching production shows are well aware of their amazing work. If you have never seen anything from them, just type Blue Man Group on YouTube, and you will be able to witness some of their magic. Naturally, YouTube cannot give you the whole experience which they bring on their live performances. Therefore, you should definitely consider visiting their shows in Vegas.

The year of 2017 was very important for the group, as they were bought by another production show company called Cirque du Soleil, which is one of the biggest companies in Vegas, being responsible for some of the legendary performance shows such as Michael Jackson ONE, and O. They further expanded the concept of Blue Man Group and gave them a permanent residence at the Luxos in Las Vegas, where they still perform to date.


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