Boom Pirates — A New Online Video Slot by Microgaming

Microgaming has launched a brand new online video slot called Boom Pirates, which is directly inspired by the sea bandits from the Caribbean. If you like sailing the seven seas and exploring the deep blue while searching for hidden treasure along the way, you should join the Boom Pirates in their adventures and earn lucrative prizes if you’re lucky.

Join Captain Mary as she waves the Jolly Roger together with her band and explores various features that this online video slot offers. In fact, it comes with two very special features called Wonderways and Foxify.

If you are lucky enough to trigger the Wonderways feature, the cannon will fire its cannonball into the reels and transform them. The original reel structure contains five reels with four rows each. However, after the Wonderways feature is activated, the reels are extended to nine reels with six rows.

Once extended, it offers players an opportunity to create big wins via one of the 10 million potential payways. Now, we’ve seen the payways count reaching a couple of thousand, but reaching 10 million brings online video slots to an entirely new level.

The second important feature is called Foxify, which can be activated manually by the players. This will increase your initial bet by 50 percent but provides you with more opportunities to trigger one of the three treasured special features that are available in the game. It will also add more gunpowder to your canons, which will further increase the possibility to make a grid explosion.


One of the symbols on the reels is Captain Mary herself, who can sometimes swing into action and convert some of your non-winning spins into winning ones by adding a winning combo with five symbols.

The game also features scatter symbols that appear on the first, third, and fifth reels. If you manage to land all three symbols at the same time, you will start the free spins feature, which will take you to an interesting treasure hunt.

If the Boom Pirates manage to fire the cannon while the free spins game is underway, it will activate the Wonderways feature, which will remain activated until the end of the free spins game. The total number of free spins that you can get by landing free spins is five.

There is an interesting plot twist in this slot that makes it more immersive and increases the number of choices that players have during the game. In fact, you can actually purchase the free spins from the pirates, which come at a price of 100x the initial bet. In other words, you can use the free spins feature along with all the other features that come with it if you’re feeling lucky — but it comes at a cost.

Although Microgaming is the official publisher of this game, Boom Pirates is actually created by a team of talented people who call their company Foxium. Åke André, CEO of Foxium, stated that the game would make an “explosive success” as it marks the first time two trademark features were used in a title — Wonderways and Foxify.

He added that they believe the game will “transform the player experience,” which will further allow the company’s creative team to improve their development processes.

James Buchanan, Microgaming’s Director of Global Operations, stated that Boom Pirates is packed with exciting features and includes new mechanics as well. Moreover, he added that players should also pay attention to the soundtrack in the game, which features “sea shanties.”

Therefore, if you’re up for some outlaw sea adventures, join the brave pirates in this game!


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