Bovada Casino Offering Massive Bonus

Bovada Casino continues to be one of the biggest names when it comes to the online casino industry, and it has some massive offers available for new customers. Bovada wants to keep attracting new business, and it always seems to be doing things to get new customers on board. 

There are some great bonus promotions available to new customers at Bovada Casino, and there are some great new casino games to be played as well. Many online casino operators are trying to attract new customers with bonuses, but few have been able to unveil as many new games as Bovada. 

A Look at the Bonus

Bovada Casino is currently offering a new welcome bonus of up to $3,000 for new customers, and it’s relatively simple to take advantage of this offer. While getting $3,000 is the value for the entire bonus, securing $1,000 is going to be the best offer that is available for most customers at the site. 

All new customers are eligible to receive a 100% first deposit match up to $1,000 and that is the easiest way to cash in on the welcome bonus. New customers are also eligible to unlock $1,000 worth of free spins when signing up for a new account. 

Bovada Casino wants to keep new customers interested as well, and there is a second deposit bonus that is worth the same value as the initial welcome bonus. While many online casinos are going to offer some great welcome bonuses, few are going to give new customers a chance to receive at least $3,000 in free cash when signing up. 

This welcome bonus is available to all new customers at Bovada Casino that meet the age requirements and there is no other opt-in requirements with this bonus. Since Bovada Casino continues to be one of the leaders in this industry, it’s important to take advantage of this opportunity immediately. 

Some Great New Games

Not only does Bovada Casino have a massive welcome offer to all new customers, but there are also some great new games available at the site. It’s not unusual for Bovada to unlock new casino games, but there are some great offers that go along with some upcoming holidays. 

Valentine’s Day just passed in the United States, and the march to St. Patrick’s Day is now on as well. There are some great online slots games that have been released that have something to do with those holidays. 

Leprechaun’s Golden Trail is one of the newest games being offered at Bovada Online Casino and this is one of the Hot Drop Jackpots that is available at the site. This means that big wins can happen right away as players will be looking to cash in through this game. 

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, there are still some big games centered around that holiday. Expanding Naughty Cupid has already been a popular game at Bovada Casino, and it’s a great way to lock in some big wins at Bovada Casino. 


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