Bradley Anderson Wins $195,565 in 2022 WSOP Event No. 72: $1,500 Mixed Omaha Hi-Lo

The 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Event No. 72:$1,500 Mixed Omaha Hi-Lo lasted for three days. Bradley Anderson won $195,565 and his first WSOP gold bracelet after beating poker legends like Barny Boatman, Men "The Master" Nguyen, Scott Abrams, and Peter Neff.

Savannah, the winner's wife, was part of his rail. The player beat 771 entrants to win the first-place prize.

The Missoula resident participated in his second WSOP final table and realized his dream of winning it. He finished fifth in a 2014 WSOP event and took home $355,913 despite being the stack leader in the tournament.

The Event's Final Table Results

  1. Bradley Anderson from the U.S. – $195,565
  2. Scott Abrams from the U.S. – $120,881
  3. Barny Boatman from the United Kingdom – $83,050
  4. Peter Neff from the U.S. – $58,089
  5. Men Nguyen from the U.S. – $41,377
  6. Mark Erickson from the U.S. – $30,026
  7. Jarod Mingini from the U.S. – $22,205
  8. Shawn Carter from the U.S. – $16,740

Action at the Final Table

The Paris Ballroom had 23 players early on Day 3. But, they were later reduced to eight as the final table was set. Adam Friedman, Rami Boukai, and Mel Judah are some of the players who missed a seat at the table and moved to Bally's Event Center.

Shawn Carter was the first final table player to go home after Neff narrowly out-pipped him on low and high pots. Jarod Mingini followed him after he lost all his chips to Mark Erickson and Men Nguyen.

Erickson was the chip leader when the day started, and he had a great run until he went all-in with Nguyen at the river. Anderson was in a tight spot as he wasn't sure about using a nut low to call. But he later got the call and was the only finalist holding a nut low that was crucial in the later stages.

Nguyen used a queen-high straight to take the high and beat Erickson's set of queens, thus remaining with 300,000 chips. Still, Erickson got busted a few minutes after the dinner break. Nguyen followed him after losing two consecutive big pots.

Anderson's Journey to Victory

Peter Neff got busted in the fourth position after Anderson scooped him using his better two pair. Barny Boatman did his best to maintain a deep run, but the rising blinds destroyed his stack and reduced it to four big blinds when he faced Anderson. The latter eliminated the former after turning a full house.

Abrams believed he would win the event as he got in a heads-up battle with Anderson, who had an 80/20 stack advantage. The former almost leveled his stack with the latter's. But, Anderson beat him and won the WSOP bracelet.

Anderson's Reaction After Winning the Tournament

The winner stated that his victory was surreal after having a tough grind throughout the day. Scott collected some of his chips in the heads-up play, but he pressed on. He mainly concentrated on taking the gold bracelet home rather than the money.

Anderson said that Nguyen is a stunning character, and the table was star-studded. He added that he had considered missing the tournament after he was eliminated in the 2022 WSOP Main Event.


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