Brazil Considering Legalizing Casinos

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the entire world, but somehow the gaming industry has yet to develop a presence in the country. That could change in the coming months if one federal lawmaker can get his way.
Federal deputy Alberto Netol is proposing a bill that would see casinos built in the state of Amazonas.

Amazonas is one of the 26 states that make up Brazil, and it is the largest in terms of land area. Neto thinks that the Amazonas would be a great place for the casino industry to begin in Brazil, with hopes of opening it up to the rest of the country after they get some things straightened out.

This isn’t the first time that a casino gambling bill has been proposed, but Neto’s proposal is very detailed, and it is gaining support from other federal deputies and lawmakers.

The country of Brazil has been in an economic crisis for close to six years, and hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics did not help out as expected. The casino industry has helped solve financial issues in other parts of the world, and Neto believes that establishing casinos in the Amazonas could work in Brazil as well.

President Jair Bolsonaro has been against legal gambling and casinos in Brazil since his 2018 campaign, but he now appears to be shifting gears. Bolsonaro has yet to come out and issue his stance on the bill proposed by Neto as he is in the process of seeing how many other deputies support the issue.

The landscape in the Amazonas would make this a perfect place to build and open new casinos. The Amazon rainforest makes up the landscape in this state, but there are some major cities with large populations.

Manaus, the capital of the Amazonas, is home to 2.18 million people and has a thriving economy.

Putting new casinos in the Amazonas would help out other parts of the state that are struggling to keep up. The average worker in the Amazonas makes less than $7,000 per year, but new casinos would bring in more jobs and a chance for people to make more money.

Argentina, Colombia Lead South America Casino Industry

North America dominates the casino industry in the Western Hemisphere, but there are some South American countries that already have a booming casino industry. Argentina currently has over 100 casinos in their country, and the industry brings in a large amount of revenue.

Colombia is not too far behind Argentina in terms of available casinos, with more than 75 casinos currently up and running.

Buenos Aires is considered the gaming capital of South America, and they offer most of the casinos that are in the country of Argentina.

Trilenium Casino in Buenos Aires is one of the biggest casinos in South America, and they provide their customers with an exceptional experience to go along with gaming. Trilenium Casino is over 237,000 square feet, and the casino stands three stories tall.

Colombia might not have the biggest or best casinos in South America, but they do offer their residents several great betting options.

There are no casinos in Colombia that crack the top-10 list of best South American casinos, but their industry is thriving and bringing plenty of money to the Colombian government.

There are currently at least nine countries in South America with some sort of casino open to business. Most countries also offer pari-mutuel betting on horse and greyhound racing as well.

If Brazil can join the list of countries, then the South American gaming industry could start to rival that of North America in some aspects.


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