Caesars Runs Sports Betting In A Couple Of US States

Sports betting is back in the United States big time. Ever since the US Supreme Court made a decision to reinterpret the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, they paved the way for many new businesses to appear, especially in the gambling industry.

Sports betting took the US by storm, and Caesars Entertainment was on the forefront, capitalizing on the quick expansion of this activity all over the US.

Last August, the company started working on creating sports betting places, and one could say that they did a pretty good job. They made Caesars-branded sportsbooks which are now present in seven states across the US.

The states which have at least one Caesars sportsbook are New York, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Nevada. In total, the company has 29 locations (or at least there will be 29 of them by the end of September).

People who like to place bets now have an amazing opportunity to place mobile bets. At the moment, mobile betting is available only in Nevada and New Jersey, and Pennsylvania could get it very soon — according to some estimates, by the end of 2019.

Successful Ventures

Needless to say, the majority of these sportsbooks are doing pretty well. Most of them are parts of casino resorts and have big TVs, as well as bars, and more. One of the best examples of how sportsbooks improved some casino resorts is the Caesars’ sportsbook located in Biloxi, Miss.

The company has a casino there, and there was a sportsbook opened as a part of it. It helped the entire facility by increasing 10 percent in drink sales and improved gaming revenue by 300 percent for new and re-activated customers.

These were all month over month results, meaning that a sportsbook helped the venue and that the residents of Mississippi were overall interested in placing bets on their favorite sports.

Christian Stuart, Caesars Entertainment Executive Vice President of Gaming & Interactive, stated that the landscape for sports betting continually evolved and that Caesars Entertainment was one of the industry leaders. He added that the company offered new and innovative ways to get engaged in sports-betting content and place bets in a sportsbook or via mobile apps.

Furthermore, Stuart added that Caesars Entertainment had managed to create partnerships with those that are in the broadcast space and increased the recognition of the brand, while at the same time giving sports fans and bettors an opportunity to place bets on their favorite sports.

Partnering Up

One of the most important partners of Caesars is ESPN. Moreover, they are also partnered up with Turner Sports. In fact, Caesars is an official supplier of odds for these two networks, which are widely considered the most popular sports media in the US.

Both companies have a studio which is located at The LINQ Hotel + Experience (the ESPN studio is currently being constructed, and it will open in the upcoming winter). Moreover, there is a studio at the Caesars Palace, which is located on the Strip.

Therefore, Caesars Entertainment is definitely redefining the way we watch and enjoy sports, along with other sports betting companies that have been pretty active during the past 12 months. Sports betting was not allowed in the US for a very long time, due to a ban which had a goal to protect professional and amateur leagues of all sports.

However, the ban was lifted, and a whole new untapped market opened, with millions of people interested in taking part in this activity. It is still considered new at the moment, and we are yet to see how it would develop in the US.


A sports enthusiast, Ryan helps cover sports betting news from around the country, highlighting some of the more interesting events going on in the USA.