Caesars Southern Indiana Casino Employees Sign Petition for Better Covid-19 Protections

The Caesars Southern Indiana is one of several casinos that reopened back in June. This facility in Elizabeth was back in business on the 15th, with a safety meeting held among employees just a few days before. During the meeting, it was announced that employees would wear face masks, among other requirements, but guests would not. Employees were curious and worried as to why it was serious enough for them to wear a mask but not the patrons. Now, it seems that employees are so concerned about their health and well-being that they have signed a petition seeking changes from Caesars Entertainment, the parent company of the property.

What’s Going On?

Last week, Caesars Entertainment along with MGM Resorts announced that guests within all their casino properties must wear a mask at all times. The only exception is when eating and drinking onsite. While this is a win for employees, guests are still using loopholes that employees feel put them at risk.

Earlier this week, over 300 employees of the Southern Indiana casino submitted a petition demanding that changes be made regarding safety guidelines. Management was provided the petition, with employees asking for a smoking ban or a specific area created for smoking.

Apparently, a lot of guests like to smoke and they are doing so on the gaming floor. At this time, the action of smoking is a away that the virus can be spread. Smoking is done with the mask down and with players chain smoking, they are essentially not wearing a mask at all.

Employees Affected

The employees are affected by the mask wearing policy in many ways. First, they are affected health wise due to players not wearing their mask on a regular basis. When taking off the mask to smoke or drink, players are leaving it off which puts employees at a greater risk of being infected.

Secondly, the employees are having to ask guests to put their masks back on. This of course does not go over well, so those who rely on tips are not receiving them from guests who they ask to place their mask back on. The employees would like for supervisors to be the one who asks the guests to wear their mask.

Apparently, security asks players to put their masks back on and announcements are made as well periodically. However, this is not enough due to the size of the casino.

Employees are also concerned about a second wave and the possibility of the casinos having to shut down a second time. This would be a financial strain on top of what has already been difficult for casino employees.

Caesars has not responded yet to the petition or employee requests. It will be interesting to see what they have to say and if they are willing to put more restrictions in place so that their employees feel better when working on the gaming floor, within the hotel as well as dining and other areas of the property.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.