California’s Cardrooms Vital For The Country, New Study Says

California is a rich area of the country, with a lot of industries contributing to the state’s budget. Although gambling has never been considered as big as some other industries, it contributes a fair share of money to California.

Quite recently, the California Gaming Association published the results of a special study that was conducted with the main focus on cardrooms in the state. According to the study, the cardrooms created a total of 32,425 jobs that may be directly or indirectly connected to this activity. All wages and benefits of all employees who are related to cardrooms added up to an annual sum of $1.64 billion.

The California Gaming Association released an official press release on Friday, where it announced that it had conducted research regarding cardrooms in California. According to the CGA, the research was made by the niche economics firm for research, John Dunham and Associates Incorporated.

Tax Contributions

One of the important facts about these gaming facilities is that they contribute approximately $500 million in state and local taxes annually. Moreover, the research stated that the cardrooms have been vital for the communities in California that are underserved.

The President for the CGA, Kyle Kirkland, stated in the press release that the cardrooms in California had an “overall positive impact” on The Golden State’s economy, which is worth approximately $5.6 billion. Moreover, they pay about $398.8 million in state taxes and approximately $100 million for the local duties.

Kirkland added that the report illustrated what they had been pretty aware of — that local cardrooms play an essential role in numerous cross-state communities in California. Moreover, he added that the cardrooms provided “tens of thousands” of jobs that are steady and provide a living wage. He concluded that these gaming facilities had been offering a great opportunity for many Californians to support their families.

More Insights

The California Gaming Association provided other useful insights into the report, claiming that a total of 13,463 jobs are related to cardrooms in Los Angeles County alone. Moreover, they added that the economic benefit in this jurisdiction is approximately $2.3 billion per year.

The Association added that such facilities have been growing more popular in the San Francisco area as well. Poker-friendly places now employ a total of 6,196 people and that they contribute a total of $1.1 billion annually.

Finally, the third popular place is San Diego County, where 1,936 people are currently employed in the industry, which produces $318.6 million for the county.

Moreover, the Association explored other places, such as the state capital of Sacramento. According to them, there are approximately 1,831 people working in cardrooms and that the overall economic benefit for the capital is $313.3 million.

Fresno County also has cardrooms that employ 784 people and report annual gains of approximately $128.5 million.

Kirkland completed the report by stating that cardrooms all over California play a very important role as they provide additional revenue, spark economic activities, and offer a lot of jobs. According to him, some of the cardrooms in certain areas in California actually generate more than 50 percent of the revenue in those areas.

That’s why cardrooms provide funds for the budget of those places that can rest assured that they will have enough money to cover emergency services, parks, fire departments, and many other important programs that are important for every area to grow and sustain.

The bottom line is that cardrooms have a very important role in The Golden State and contribute to its economy.


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