Cardinals’ Shaw Suspended For Betting On The NFL

The news that really hit US sports betting fans recently was that an NFL player was suspended for placing bets on football. After finding out about his actions, the National Football League immediately decided to suspend the cornerback Josh Shaw of the Arizona Cardinals for taking part in professional football wagering. This is the first time something like this has happened since the 1980s.

After the initial rumor, there was a further investigation into this case, and investigators found out that Shaw actually made bets on several NFL games this season. On the other hand, he did not have any insight information, and no game was compromised due to his actions.

Moreover, no coaches nor other players knew anything about his actions. Despite all of that, Shaw will be suspended until at least the end of the 2020 season.

An official working for the NFL refused to state whether Shaw made any bets on games that he was part of or not. Moreover, further information about the place where Shaw made his bets was not disclosed by the NFL.

The official argument for refusing to provide information was that the details such as those are not that relevant. According to the NFL, what’s really relevant is the broader issue that comes with his misconduct.

The commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, stated that the success of the National Football League mainly depended on them doing all they could to preserve its integrity and reputation, as well as the integrity and reputation of all people who were members of the NFL.

He added that one of the main principles of the NFL was that betting on the game put the integrity of the competition at risk and damaged the confidence of the public about the organization. Therefore, no members of the NFL are allowed to take part in any kind of sports betting, especially if it concerns the NFL.

Officials of the NFL stated that Shaw would be able to petition for being reinstated in the NFL starting Feb. 21, 2021. Moreover, he needs to file a notice that appeals to his suspension. None of the agents of Shaw were available for making a comment about his misconduct.

Need For More

One of the reasons why sports betting was banned in the US for so long was to preserve the integrity of various sports organizations, including the NFL. However, now that there are no bans on betting on sports, the NFL and other leagues must take more aggressive measures to prevent betting from making a negative impact.

Moreover, even when the gambling ban was active, there were many illegal betting operations going on, and professional sportspeople were forbidden from taking part in any of these. Now that betting is legal once again in some states (and it will become legal in many states soon), professionals will be monitored for their actions.

Perhaps Shaw was a wake-up call for all professionals who thought about placing a bet. Although betting is always fun, it should be allowed only to people who are not professional or college athletes. It’s the only way to preserve the integrity of these sports and various leagues all over the US.

On the other hand, sports betting has never been more exciting in the US, as the new technologies allow bettors to gain insights into various data and improve their overall betting performance. Therefore, if you want to place bets, you can now do it in several US states, with Nevada and New Jersey being the most popular ones.

However, if you’re a part of a college or professional league, then it’s probably best to stay away from the activity as it could result in serious punishments.


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