Cashless Gaming Increasing In Las Vegas

Red Rock Resort and Casino, as well as Palms Casino Resort, were two initial casinos to try something rather innovative in the world of land-based gaming in Las Vegas. They included cashless gaming to their offer and started running tests with it on a few tables in casinos.

The Automated Cashless Systems (ACS) is basically a dream for every gambler out there. Instead of going out to the nearest ATM to withdraw money and play games, they would be able to do it while they are sitting at the table.

The ACS is actually a product that comes with a unique name — PlayOn. It works just like any other ATM, but it’s part of the gaming table. Therefore, when gamblers run low on chips, they will be able to replenish their stack in just a couple of seconds.

This is definitely a great improvement for land-based gaming, moving things forward in the industry. It seems that other casinos liked the idea as well, as The Strat is one of the casinos that will introduce PlayOn pretty soon.

In fact, the renovation phase of this property is almost complete, and its operator wants to bring something new to the table. In other words, those who visit The Strat will have an opportunity to enjoy the improved system featuring cashless gaming.

Jay Fennel, Vice President of Gaming Development and Technology at Golden Entertainment, the operator of The Strat, stated that they tested the system and considered it “a great convenience” for all players who decide to play games there. He added that all the guests would enjoy a convenient way of accessing their funds while enjoying playing games at the table.

Other Vegas Casinos Using the Technology

Another gaming venue that is reportedly already using ACS is D Las Vegas. Moreover, Golden Gate, which is its sister property, is also expected to adopt this innovative technology very soon and improve the entire experience.

One thing is certain, the number of casinos is rapidly increasing, and it means we can expect that other properties are going to at least consider implementing PlayOn.

One of the biggest problems with gaming tables and running low on chips is that you basically have to break action to go to the nearest ATM. This is not the case with PlayOn, as it will make the game continuous, meaning gamblers will have an opportunity to play the game while buying more chips.

Will This System Cause Addiction?

The first thing that comes to mind when PlayOn is explained is whether it would create or fuel addiction. However, the creators of this system had to take this into account as well, since the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Nevada Gaming Commission have pretty high standards when it comes to this.

The system can only work with debit cards, and limits can be imposed on them. That way, gamblers will have a better insight into how much money they have spent. This would be rather helpful for those who want to have better control of their casino expenses.

One thing is certain — introducing cashless gaming is a huge step forward. Although it’s rather new to the gambling industry, the technology has been part of many businesses for a very long time.

Simply put, the industry is finally catching up in this aspect. This means that things are very much in motion in Vegas, which is continually improving with new technologies that help improve the gaming experience.


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