Casino Workers Against NY iGaming

Lawmakers in the state of New York continue to try and get an online casino bill passed through the legislature this year. This is happening even though Governor Kathy Hochul did not include this industry in her budget report, but that’s not the only hurdle to get over. 

The casino workers union in the state has also banded together to fight this piece of legislation, and they have apparently been working hard to get this done since last year. There are a number of reasons for this opposition, and money and loss of jobs is at the top of the list. 

The New York Hotel and Gaming Trades Council is leading this push, and it was a strong enough opposition that lawmakers took note this year. Senator Joseph Addabbo include new language in his most recent bill that would set aside $25 million to help with potential job loss. 

Now that this union is starting to get their message out, it’s likely that a large chunk of the population is going to pay more attention now as well. Not only will members of this union be at risk for job loss, but other residents of the state could see potential future jobs hurt. 

No Negotiating

There has been opposition to many iGaming bills in states throughout the country, but everything always seems to work out in the end. That doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen in New York though as the New York Hotel and Gaming Trades Council has not been willing to negotiate. 

The legalization of online casinos could actually lead to more jobs on the casino floor as live dealer games are now a huge part of that industry. While that is one argument that seems to work, the union is worried about other jobs that come on the resort properties. 

In fact, the $25 million fund that was set up in order to help ease the burden for potential job loss has actually upset that group even more. There has been a recent push to get a new casino in the downstate part of New York, and this iGaming bill could keep that from happening. 

The most recent bill would actually include language to establish a new downstate casino, but that could take years before a property is built. It seems that both sides have thought of everything at this time, and neither side is willing to budge. 

Maryland Hurting New York?

Maryland is another state that is looking at the possibility of legalizing online casino gambling, but those lawmakers have also run into some issues. There was a recent study done in Maryland, and the results from that study were not positive for commercial casinos. 

That study showed the potential for a loss of revenue with commercial casinos, and that caught the attention of everyone in that state. Maryland might still be looking to move forward with a bill, btu the union in New York is using that information as more ammo. 


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