Casinos Coming to Alabama?

The casino industry has continued to grow throughout the United States, especially as states are seeking new revenue sources. It seems likely that a handful of states will pass expanded gambling bills in 2024, but there are also some unlikely sources looking to make a move. 

The Alabama state Constitution was passed all the way back in 1901, and the law says that lottery and casinos are illegal. That is still true to this day, but there are some lawmakers in the state that are hoping to change that rule. 

A recent bill has proposed the legalization of several new forms of gambling, including lottery games and sports betting. That proposal also calls for the building of new casino properties in the state, and that is where the bill could get some pushback.

Representative Andy Whitt is one of the men behind the proposal, and he is citing the need for a new revenue source in the state. Whitt has also pointed out that there is illegal gambling taking place in Alabama, and his bill would remove all of that activity. 

If a bill were to be passed, new casinos and gambling options would not be made available right away. This would have to be a decision made by the voters as it would require a new constitutional amendment. 

Key Details Made Available

This bill is still in the very early stages of being acted on, but there are some interesting details that have emerged. There are just four other states without a lottery system in place, and that is going to be something that is focused on with this proposal.

Electronic bingo gaming is available in the state of Alabama, and this proposal would limit new casino construction to those locations. There are currently just six counties that allow for electronic bingo to be played, but those do include Birmingham and Mobile. 

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians offer tribal casinos in the state, but there are just three of those options available. Those properties are also not providing substantial revenue to the state, and that’s a goal with this proposal. 

If this bill were to pass, there could be as many as seven new casino properties built throughout the state. An initial investment of $35 million would be needed to receive a license, and there is a $5 million licensing fee attached. 

Alabama and Georgia Both on Board

Lawmakers from Alabama and Georgia are not working together on a bill, but it does appear as if each state is keeping track of the other. In October, the Global Gaming Company sent representatives to meet with lawmakers in Georgia. 

That is another state that has had some trouble getting new gambling laws passed, but there does appear to be more optimism. There is a chance that both states could legalize at almost the same time, but Georgia has taken the lead. 

Georgia has seen more bills get closer to the finish line in recent years, but there are still some strict gambling laws there as well. 


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