Chino Rheem Dominates the 2023 PGT Mixed Games II After Bagging $433,600

PokerGO Studio has been hosting the ongoing 2023 PokerGO Tour (PGT) Mixed Games II. Chino Rheem is the biggest winner in the series, as he received a $25,000 championship bonus and $433,600 total winnings.

The poker player won five tournaments, including Event No.2: Big Bet Mix, and amassed 388 PGT points earned him a huge point margin over David Funkhouser, the second player on the leaderboard.

The Mixed Games II series constituted nine tournaments that awarded players more than $4.5 million total prizes. Rheem was ahead of the pack with over $150,000 in earnings.

Nick Schulman was third with $273,900, as Dylan Weisman and Maxx Coleman were fourth and fifth. Only five participants took more than $200,000 home in the nine tournaments.

Who Were the Series’ Biggest Winners?

  1. Chino Rheem-$433,600 and 388 Card Player Player of the Year (POY) points
  2. David Funkhouser-$274,700 and 275 POY points
  3. Nick Schulman-$273,900 and 274 POY points
  4. Dylan Weisman-$250,350 and 240 POY points
  5. Maxx Coleman-$260,030 and 188 POY points
  6. Hal Rotholz-$181,200 and 181 POY points
  7. Dzmitry Urbanovich-$179,200 and 179 POY points
  8. Arthur Morris-$150,700 and 150 POY points
  9. John Hennigan-$170,350 and 139 POY points
  10. Paul Volpe-$136,800 and 137 POY points

Rheem’s Dominance in the Series

Rheem entertained his rail from the series’ first event. He finished third in the $10,200 H.O.R.S.E. event. Luck was on his side in Event No.2 after topping its final table, hence being his fifth final table to qualify at PokerGO Studio after excelling in the recent Poker Masters.

The poker pro cashed at each of the five final tables. He was in great form in the series’ second half as he battled it out to reach the remaining tables. Nevertheless, Hal Rotholz, Schulman, Dylan Weisman, and Coleman won a tournament each.

Arthus Morris bagged the $5,100 No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw’s title. Schulman beat 39 opponents in the $10,200 Triple Stud Mix to win the $144,000 first-place prize. They included Adam Friedman and John Racener.

Yet, it was Schulman’s second payout in the series after finishing eighth in Event No.2. Event No.6: $10,200 Dealers Choice attracted 49 players and had a $156,400 top prize. Craig Chait and Weisman clashed in its final hand for the prize.

Unfortunately, Chait lost the hand to Weisman, who made three cashes in the series with $250,350 total earnings that earned him a fourth spot on the leaderboard. Rotholz beat Schulman in Event No.7: $10,200 Triple Draw Mix to win $163,200, his second payout at the series. Still, Rheem advanced to another final table before exiting in the sixth position with $30,600.

Coleman won the $25,300 10-game Championship after defeating Alex Livingston in the last hand. The former took the title and $25,000 home. Rheem left the event in the third position with 70 PGT points that secured the $25,000 bonus and PGT Mixed Games II title for him.


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