Chumash Casino Resort Adding Non-Temperature Kiosks to Gaming Property

Across the United States, business owners are trying to figure out how to reopen and stay in line with federal guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic. For casino operators, new safety measures are being put in place to ensure that guidelines can be met with players and employee protection in mind. For one casino operator in California, new non-contact temperature kiosks are being added as a precautionary measure.

New Safety Measures at Chumash Casino

The Chumash Casino Resort will remain closed through the month of May due to the virus outbreak. When the casino is allowed to reopen, several changes will be seen by guests. Casinos across the US are finding new ways to protect everyone inside the venue from catching the virus and for the Chumash, temperature-taking kiosks are being added.

The kiosks will be used by guests and employees and could be a sign as to what will be the norm for some time as we try to get back to normal in the states. Guests and employees will have their temperature taken in seconds, without any contact with other humans.

Tribal Chairman for the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Kenneth Kahn commented that the casino team has been working nonstop to create an environment that is safe for guests and employees, where everyone will stay healthy.

Last week, an email was sent to guests from the casino’s CEO John Elliott that provided an update regarding the casino closure extension and the new temperature kiosks. According to Elliott, the measures taken came about after many discussions and based on advice from local, state and federal authorities.

The number of kiosks that will be located on-site is unclear. When using a machine, a person will walk up to the screen and stand ten inches away. The machine reads their temperature in three to seven seconds. Only one reading can be done via the kiosk at one time. The kiosks have been FDA approved and will provide an accurate temperature reading.

The Results

Once a temperature is read, if it is below the recommended 100.4 degrees, the individual will be given a sticker and allowed into the casino. Anyone who has a temperature above that amount will not be allowed onsite and advised to seek medical attention.

Guests and employees will be denied entry if they have a temperature over the 100.4 degree mark. This is the reading that is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Along with the temperature readings, the casino is looking at enhanced cleaning procedures as well anticipating what social distancing would look like on the gaming floor. They want to add the temperature option to provide another element of safety to everyone on-site.

Casino officials were asked about those how are asymptomatic and are carriers of the disease. The venue plans on using social distancing measures as well as splash guards, employees wearing PPE and stricter cleaning policies.

It will be interesting to see if other casinos take such precautions upon reopening or if the Chumash will be one of a select few to go so far as to check the temperature of their patrons and employees.

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