Circa Sports Making Moves in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is set to have another big year in 2024, and Circa Sports is working to ensure that it’s a big part of that equation. While most companies continue to be focused on the casino games, Circa Sports is looking to make a huge step in the sports betting industry. 

The sportsbook at the Silverton Lodge Casino is now a part of the Circa Sports catalog of properties, and it’s in a location that is sure to attract plenty of wagers. Silverton Lodge Casino is located near Mandalay Bay, and it will be the fifth casino in which Circa is setting up a new sportsbook.

It’s no secret that Circa has been looking for new properties, and it officially took control over the sportsbook at Silverton Lodge Casino as the calendar flipped to 2024. This is not a finished product yet, but plans are in place to make it a great place for sports bettors. 

There are currently just two betting windows open at the Silverton Lodge Casino, but Circa Sports is monitoring that situation closely. Those that are wishing to bet on sports at the casino will find the new betting windows next to the Shady Grove Bar and Lounge. 

A Look at the Plans

Sports bettors are currently going to see a temporary sportsbook set up at the casino, but that isn’t going to be the plan for long. A 1,600 square foot sportsbook is going to open up in March, and it will provide a terrific experience inside of the casino.

Patrons are going to find more than 20 bartop seats so that they can play casino games while watching the games inside of the sportsbook. There will be three betting windows available, as well as three betting kiosks that can be used. 

The Silverton Lodge Casino is trying to bring in new customers by teaming up with Circa Sports, and they have reserved parking spaces for sports bettors. Nevada still requires sports bettors to create a new account in person, and that will make that easier. 

To make it even easier for sports bettors, the new sportsbook is going to be near the parking garage. The Silverton Lodge Casino is expected to have a ceremony when the sportsbook is ready to open. 

Circa Can Be Found Everywhere

Southwest Las Vegas is rapidly growing, and this is the first time that Circa Sports has gotten into that part of the city. Casino patrons can now visit the Durango Casino in Southwest Las Vegas as well, and a stop at the Circa Sportsbook can be included. 

There are four other casinos where Circa currently has a retail sportsbook opened up, and that adds business to each location. Here are the other four casinos where you should go to look for a Circa Sportsbook:

  • Circa Las Vegas
  • The D
  • The Pass Casino
  • Tuscany Suites and Casino

After the construction at the Silverton Casino Lodge is complete, Circa Sports could then look to expand into Las Vegas even further. 


A sports enthusiast, Ryan helps cover sports betting news from around the country, highlighting some of the more interesting events going on in the USA.