Columbus City Council Approved Harrah’s Casino Plans

The latest reports claim that the city of Columbus, Nebraska is likely to open another casino by December. Its officials recently approved a Harrah's casino and racetrack' redevelopment plans that will cost more than $70 million. The operator's member rewards system and brand recognition were key factors that made it select this project.

Caesars Entertainment owns this brand, and it decided to set up a casino in Columbus. It collaborated with several local organizations.

Convergence, LLC will supervise the new casino's construction while Columbus Exposition and Racing (CER) will aid Caesars to run the Harrah's casino.

Casino and Columbus officials are optimistic that the new casino will make the city a popular entertainment destination in the Midwest U.S. It will provide Nebraska players with many gaming options once it is completed.

Caesars plans to set up more than 10 table games, a horseracing track, and over a hundred slot machines in the new project. Also, it will have an on-site hotel. These features will play a key role in attracting more tourists to the region.

Nebraskans voted last year to increase gaming choices in the state. Their support made Columbus a perfect gaming spot for Caesars. The Harrah's casino will greatly improve the local economy once it starts operating, as it will offer long-term employment opportunities.

How Did Caesars Entertainment Bring the Harrah's Brand to Nebraska?

Nebraskans' decision to allow the local gambling market to expand permitted racetracks to start running casino gaming machines. The CER started searching for a casino developer who can set up a thrilling gaming platform in Columbus. It selected Caesars because of its Harrah's brand.

Caesars operates several other brands besides Harrah's. Its good reputation will enable the new casino business to grow fast, and it is estimated to cost about $75 million. Nebraska's gaming laws require the project to feature a casino and racetrack.

Convergence is currently using tax increment financing (TIF) to get financial support after it partnered with Caesars. The state's gaming community has included horseracing for more than 75 years. Even so, Harrah's new casino will be the first local casino-style gaming operation.

Which Features Are in Harrah's Nebraska Casino?

Caesars didn't rush planning the new project. Instead, it carefully selected the construction site to be near Highway 81. It will constitute a 40,000 square feet gaming space.

Players will access 20 table games and 400 slot machines. The gaming venue will have a 1-mile racetrack. Caesars' officials value holding Nebraska's horse racing tradition.

The new casino will also accept sports bets and will have an on-site retail bookie. The state's gaming law prohibits casino operators from running online sportsbooks. There will be several restaurants and retail shops on the property.

Columbus Is a Perfect Choice for the New Harrah's Casino

Caesars Entertainment officials and Columbus residents are excited about the new casino. The company's move to open a gaming operation in the state will help it open more operations in the Midwest in the future. Players will still get Caesars' rewards that they can use at different casinos in the country.


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