Crown Resorts Supports Australian Bushfire Relief With A$5 Million

Australia has been in focus for the last couple of days due to some of the worst bushfires that have ever happened in the Land Down Under. Millions of animals disappeared amidst the blaze, with thousands more rescued by Australian firefighters and volunteers.

Although they were restless, the fire was too much to handle, resulting in many people being displaced as well.

Many organizations and companies supported the cause by donating money, and one of the most generous donations was made by Crown Resorts. As the fire raged on, Crown Resorts hosted one of the most anticipated poker tournaments in the year — the 2020 Aussie Millions.

Therefore, it was only natural for the facility to help its fellow Australians and try to preserve the flora and fauna set ablaze.

The casino resort has been helping by raising money for everyone affected by the fire. Moreover, they matched staff donations and donated to the funds for bushfire relief. Finally, the casino promised a donation of bottled water for every purchased bottle on its premises.

Moreover, Crown offered a total of 200 hotel rooms for people who were evacuated from the areas on fire. People from the town of Mallacoota, which was completely destroyed by fire, were transported with the Australian naval vessels and sought shelter in Crown Resorts.

Packer Comments on the Donation

James Packer, Founder of Crown Resorts, stated that Australians needed to support each other in tough times. He added that his family and Crown were eager to help as much as they could and decided to “significantly increase the donation.”

Crown’s founder also added that he hoped funds donated by Crown would assist firefighters and ease the suffering of people whose homes had been destroyed in the fire. He also stated that he hoped that the donation would help the “poor wildlife caught up in the blaze.”

The first organization to pledge money for bushfire relief was the Packer Family Foundation, which pledged a total of A$1 million to the Rural Fire Service of New South Wales.

Now, they pledged additional A$4 million to various volunteer services in New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria. All of these states have Crown as one of the operators.

Apart from volunteers, the Packer Family Foundation also pledged money to various charities that focus on providing relief for affected wildlife and people in areas destroyed by the bushfire.

A$1 million was given to each of the following organizations: The Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Services (WIRES) and Zoos in Victoria, Victorian Government fund in conjunction with Bendigo Bank and the Salvation Army, Victorian Country Fire Authority, and NSW Rural Fire Service. Moreover, A$500,000 was pledged to the Australian Red Cross and the Western Australia Bush Fire Brigade.

The Hon Helen Coonan, Chair of the Crown Resorts Foundation, issued an official statement, calling the events in Australia tragic. She added that they were “incredibly thankful” for the hard work of the Australian firefighters, charities and emergency services.

Moreover, she encouraged Australians to assist people who lost their homes in the bushfire and support wildlife and firefighters who risk their lives every day to put the blaze under control.

The series of unfortunate events that befell Australia will be remembered for many years to come. Many wild animals, including the endangered koalas, have disappeared in the fire.

Australians now have a very noble task in front of them — to help people who lost their homes and provide shelter for the animals they saved.


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