d5t6y7 Wins Another $10,000 Mystery Bounty at 888poker in a Month

d5t6y7 defied the odds a few days ago when they won a $10,000 mystery bounty 888poker's $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event despite finishing 10th. Still, they extended their great form on May 15 when they won the $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event.

The tournament attracted 965 entrants who set a nine-handed final table on Day 1. Yet, the top finalists had an opportunity to win a $10,000 and $3,000 bounty.

The Final Table's Payouts

  1. d5t6y7 from the United Kingdom- a $18,129 total prize; $10,389 bounties and a $7,740 prize
  2. KJJIDIele from Uzbekistan- a $10,771 total prize; $5,126 bounties and a $5,645 prize
  3. Iadutska from Belarus- a$4,558 total prize; $408 bounties and a $4,150 prize
  4. pluzera from Brazil- a $3,199 total prize; $124 bounties and a $3,075 prize
  5. Adhmor8 from Montenegro- a $3,039 total prize; $764 bounties and a $2,275 prize
  6. Freedan from Ukraine- a $2,224 total prize; $524 bounties and a $1,700 prize
  7. juncanaru98 from Romania- a $1,983 total prize; $703 bounties and a $1,280 prize
  8. SeiryokuZen from Brazil- a $2,393 total prize; $1,423 bounties and a $970 prize
  9. DiouL2 from Brazil- a $981 total prize; $241 bounties and a $740 prize

Day 1 Highlights

DiouL2 was the first player to leave the final table in ninth place and SeiryokuZen followed them in eighth place with $2,393. juncanaru98 got busted in seventh place after using ace-deuces of spades to make a 9.2 big blinds shove from under the gun when KJJJIDIele folded in the cutoff.

The latter got a significant stack lead due to their aggressive play. KJJJIDIele used an ace-ten of clubs to go all-in forcing other players to fold. d5t6y7 narrowly missed the pot after five-queen-jack-ace-four landed on the board.

KJJIDIele won a $3,000 bounty. Freedan finished sixth with $2,224. Adhmor8 and pluzera followed them in fifth and fourth place respectively. But, none of them got the $10,000 mystery bounty.

Iadutska exited the event in third place with $4,558 setting up a tough heads-up match between KJJJIDIele and d5t6y7. The remaining two players' prize money had an over$2,100 difference.

KJJJIDIele had a 62.6:58 big blind lead over d5t6y7 when their battle began. But tables turned in the first hand after KJJJIDIele used queen-five of clubs to make a four-bet fold.

The players exchanged the stack lead several times for 15 minutes each of them eyeing the $10,000 bounty. d5t6y7 used a nine-deuce to flop two pair and beat KJJJIDIele's pair of aces. The latter got an 8:1 stack lead over the former.

They dealt the tournament's final hand as KJJJIDIele used king-eight to limp and call while d5t6y7 made a three-big blind raise. KJJJIDIele made a 10.4 big blind shove and a 3.1 big blind wager after an eight appeared on the turn, hence prompting d5t6y7 to call. Unfortunately, a seven on the river ended KJJJIDIele's run as a runner-up with $10,771 as d5t6y7 won the largest bounty.


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