Dan Bekavac Wins $252,090 and His Fourth Career Mid-States Poker Tour Title at FireKeepers Casino

FireKeepers Casino in Michigan hosted the Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) $1,110 Main Event that had 15 hours of play. Dan Bekavac eventually emerged as the winner as he won his fourth MSPT title. The talented poker player stated that he felt confident and great as he has the highest number of MSPT trophies.

Bekavac had his usual aggressive play style on the five-hour final table that helped him get three knockouts. An ICM chop got struck immediately after players were three-handed. The remaining three players were Bekavac, CJ Peake, and Marquez Davis.

Bekavac topped the MSPT Main Event leaderboard several weeks after winning another event in Riverside, Iowa. No one else managed to match his four-time MSPT victories.

Bekavac scored $252,090, his largest live cash, and is likely to play in this weekend's MSPT Deadwood. This has given him an advantage over other players as he has a high probability of winning the 2022 MSPT Player of the Year award. He advises amateurs and intermediate players to place c-bets and three-bets.

MSPT FireKeepers Final Table Results

The finalists received the following prizes:

  1. Dan Bekavac-$252,090
  2. CJ Peake-$241,290
  3. Marquez Davis-$198,975
  4. Zinoviy Pelekh-$119,706
  5. Jonathan Johnson-$91,699
  6. Alex Oberlin-$72,275
  7. Timothy Mulroy-$56,465
  8. Ruben Delgado-$44,043
  9. Elliot Hebden-$35,008

The day started fast, with 311 players participating. Yet, some of them got eliminated within 40 minutes, such as Jamie Kerstetter, Chris Tryba, Chris Moon, Aaron Johnson, and Joe Cada. Kerstetter won $2,710 after finishing 213th, Tryba finished 89th and got $3,840, Moon finished 102nd and won $3,388, Johnson got $4,517 after finishing 66th, while Cada finished 43rd and won $6,550.

David Peterson's queen-jack faced Bekavac's queen-nine. But he lost after the latter flopped a nine. Peterson finished 10th and won $27,103.

The MSPT FireKeepers Final Table Action

Elliot Hebden made a four-bet shove as his pocket tens faced Davis' pocket aces. The former didn't get help and exited the event in the ninth position and won $35,008. Ruben Delgado got eliminated next after Alex Oberlin's flush beat his top pair.

Delgado went all in with the remaining stack and queen-jack, but Jonathan Johnson's ace-jack called him off. Both players didn't improve, and Delgado left the table in eighth place and won $44,043.

Timothy Mulroy improved his position despite having a short stack. Yet, Bekavac made a wheel flop as his ace-five beat Mulroy's ace-king hence eliminating him at seventh place and earning him $56,465.

Oberlin's chips reduced drastically after he made a three-bet and went all in with ace-king for a queen-high board, but Bekavac's pair of sixes looked him up. The river and turn didn't help him, thus ending his run in sixth place and earning him $72,275.

Johnson was the unlucky finalist after almost two hours of all short stacks doubling. He went all in with a jack-ten off-suit from a small blind, but Zinoviy Pelekh's pocket kings looked him up in a big blind. The board didn't help Johnson, thus making him exit the tournament in fifth place, and he won $91,699.

Pelekh followed Johnson after a few minutes as he got eliminated in fourth place and received $119,706. Bekavac led in chips at the moment and he offered his remaining two opponents an ICM deal that they agreed to.

Davis finished third and won $198,975, while Peake finished second and got $241,290. Bekavac went home with his fourth MSPT title and $252,090.


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