Dan Zack Is the New PGT Mixed Games Winner

The maiden PokerGO Tour (PGT) Mixed Games series is over. The festival was successful and it attracted poker pros from all over the world.70 players competed in its kickoff tournament, with Dan Zack emerging as the winner.

The 30-year-old New Jersey resident won money in five of the series' eight events and earned $524,700 in total, the highest tally of all players in the festival. Still, he garnered 352 PGT points despite winning $25,000 added prize money and the trophy as the Player of the Series.

Zack informed PokerGO reporters after the series that he was elated to get the honors. He said that besides the World Series of Poker (WSOP), there are no other high-stakes mixed-game events. They have a high demand among high-stake players.

The pro added that mixed-game tournaments have rapidly gained popularity of late as the recent series' turnout exceeded its organizers' expectations. He tried to get over wagers on each tournament before the poker series kicked off.

Zack is the WSOP Player of the Year besides winning the Player of the Series award. He won two bracelets and got over $1.4 million in cashes last summer in 16 finishes. Still, he secured over $500,000 and his lifetime earnings are more than $3.5 million.

Zack's PGT Mixed Games Series Cashes

  1. $84,000 and 84 PGT points after finishing third in Event No.3: $10,300 Triple Stud Mix
  2. $27,600 and 28 PGT points after finishing eighth in Event No.4: $10,300 Big Bet Mix
  3. $34,500 and 35 PGT points after finishing seventh in Event No.5: $10,300 Triple Draw Mix
  4. $33,600 and 34 PGT points after finishing sixth in Event No.6: $10,300 Dealer's Choice
  5. $345,000 and 171 PGT points after finishing second in Event No.7: $25,500 10-Game Championship

His Performance in the $25,500 10-Game Championship Tournament

Zack won money in five consecutive tournaments. He missed the final and first two tournaments on the schedule. Yet, the player won his first prize in Event No.3: $10,300 Triple Stud event.

He finished third with 84 points and $84,000 after beating 59 opponents. Zack later amassed 28 points and won $27,600 after finishing eighth in the $10,300 buy-in big bet mix.

Zack had a deep run in the schedule's second half as he finished seventh with $34,500 in the triple draw mix tournament. His seven draw failed to improve and lost to Alex Livingston's jack-six low.

He exited the dealer's choice event in the sixth position in a lowball draw game after running into 9-8-6-5-4 in a no-limit deuce-to-seven single draw round. Zack finished second with $345,000 in the $25,000 buy-in 10-game championship after making a heads-up deal with Jason Mercier to share the prize money.

The pro had a slight chip lead and they decided to flip until one of them won. Mercier got a pot-limit Omaha flip that gave him a crucial chip advantage. Zack doubled up twice before facing Mercier's wheel on the other all-in before getting busted in second place.

The Top 10 PGT Mixed Games Players' Prizes

  1. Dan Zack- 352 points and $524,700
  2. John Monnette-316 points and $316,000
  3. Ben Lamb-304 points and $303,900
  4. Nick Guagenti-290 points and $275,475
  5. David "ODB" Baker-$268 points and $347,400
  6. Jason Mercier-257 points and $367,500
  7. Maxx Coleman-224 points and $280,500
  8. Shaun Deeb-209 points and $208,800
  9. Johannes Becker-192 points and $191,600
  10. Scott Abrams-189 points and $189,600


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