Daniel Strelitz Wins His Second WSOP Bracelet and $115,723 in Event No. 73:$1,500 Razz

Daniel Strelitz won $115,723 and a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet in Event No. 73:$1,500 Razz. He dedicated the victory to his parents as they celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary.

The tournament attracted 383 entrants, and Strelitz beat Lynda Tran. He killed her hope to win the open event and set a record of being the first woman to win such a tournament this year. Strelitz won his first bracelet in the 2019 $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em and finished as a runner-up in last year's event.

He stated after the tournament that it was awesome, and he was thrilled to win it as he has concentrated a lot on it of late. The final hand gave him a chance to win the jewelry.

The Final Table's Results

  1. Daniel Strelitz from the U.S. – $115,723
  2. Lynda Tran from the U.S. – $71,527
  3. Calvin Anderson from the U.S. – $49,557
  4. Frank Kassela from the U.S. – $34,996
  5. Sergio Braga from Brazil – $25,198
  6. Kijoon Park from the U.S. – $18,506
  7. Mark Gerencher from the U.S. – $13,869
  8. Andres Korn from Argentina – $10,611

Action on Day 3

Strelitz was the stack leader when Day 3's action began. Tran had 180,000 chips that he would stake in two huge bets.

She decided to double up Strelitz, triple off Frank Kassela and Kijoon Park several hands after jumping back. Andres Korn was the first finalist to leave the table after Mark Gerencher's seven-six beat him.

Strelitz faced Kassela in a big post as he crossed 2,000,000 chips and eliminated Gerencher using a perfect seven. The remaining six finalists played for two hours without getting busted. Each of them took over the chip lead for a while.

Tran lost part of her stack to Strelitz in an eight-seven. But she doubled up shortly and was the chip leader after 30 minutes. Her rail, which included Turbo Nguyen, went into a frenzy when she got the lead.

Park finished sixth after Calvin Anderson's seven-six beat him. The latter sent Sergio Braga packing in fifth place with a seven-six.

Strelitz collected part of Anderson's chips after a seven-six called on each street. But, Kassela finished fourth after going all-in three-way with Anderson and Tran.

Anderson was unstoppable in the event, but Tran busted him in third place with $49,557. She got a 5,260,000:4,315,000 chip lead over Strelitz before the heads-up battle began.

Strelitz's Heads-Up Play with Tran

The two remaining finalists traded many small pots within an hour. Yet, Strelitz climbed to more than 6,000,000 with 6-5-3-2-A hence drastically reducing Tran's stack. The latter called and the former raised to third on the last hand.

Strelitz made the fourth raise as Tran placed her stack on the fifth raise. The former got 8-7-4-3-2 which helped him win the bracelet and pot. His parents were the only people on his trail as Tran had a huge and vibrant trail.

Both players had friendly banter as each of them enjoyed the play. Strelitz said that he was friendly with about three opponents. He praised Tran's trail for cheering and motivating her to continue playing.

Strelitz's wife is expecting their first child, and he got emotional when he won the bracelet. PokerNews offered a live broadcast throughout the event.


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