Darryll Fish Is Many Poker Spectators’ Favorite Player at the WPT SHRRPO’s $3,500 Main Event’s Final Table

The World Poker Tour (WPT) Seminole Hard Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open (SHRRPO) $3,500 Main Event’s field drastically reduced from 1,447 players to 15 individuals who proceeded to its fourth day. Each of the entrants secured at least $38,300 from the $4,630,400 prize pool.

What Are the Final Table’s Stack Sizes?

  1. Istvan Briski from hungary-24,000,000 chips and 120 big blinds
  2. Sandy Sanchez from the U.S.-18,300,000 chips and 75 big blinds
  3. Fred Goldberg from the U.S.-13,025,000 chips and 67 big blinds
  4. Rayan Chamas from Lebanon-10,000,000 chips and 55 big blinds
  5. Darryll Fish from the U.S.-4,600,000 chips and 23 big blinds
  6. Matt Bond from the U.S.-3,300,000 chips and 22 big blinds

Day 4’s Action

The day began at Level 26 with 50,000/75,000/75,000 blinds as the remaining 15 players battled it out in the first level. Gergely Kulcsar got in a tricky spot after losing many chips to Alejandro Gonzalez-Olaechea. The former put his remaining stack in with queen-deuce and Rishi Makkar’s ace-seven busted him in 15th place.

Jack McDonald used pocket queens to shove and Niko Koop’s pocket aces ended his run in the 14th position. Koop and Lucian Silveira left the tournament in the 13th and 12th positions. The former used a suited king-jack to stake his last chips before losing them to Chamas’ ace-nine.

Silveira used pocket threes to face Goldberg’s ace-jack. However, three aces sent Silveira packing.

Briski was the stack leader early in Level 28 while Sanchez and Chamas were the second and third stacks respectively. Chamas folded his river wager before doubling Jason Sagle.

Fish’s pocket tens dominated Viktor Kovachev’s ace-king and busted him in 11th place. Sanchez gained the lead in Level 29 before Briski reclaimed it after collecting almost 20 million chips.

Goldberg’s pocket jacks outdrew Olaechea’s pocket kings and eliminated him in 10th place. Sanchez was the stack leader when the remaining finalists redrew to form a final table.

Chamas beat Makkar’s ace-queen with a straight, forcing him to drop to the ninth position. Briski grew his stack to more than 22 million chips and topped the leaderboard before they took a break.

The night’s last two eliminations occurred in Level 30. Sagle used a suited ace-ten to go all-in, clashing with Briski’s ace-jack. Unfortunately, a jack landed on the flop and ended Sagle’s run.

Graham used ace-five to shove before losing to Chamas’ nine-eight. The former was a short stack earlier in the day but exited the event in seventh place with $121,500.

Still, the remaining six players will resume playing on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. But the WPT YouTube channel will offer its live broadcast from 2:30 p.m.

Briski is leading the pack eyeing the $752,500 first-place prize. Yet, he has to finish among the leading four players to get the largest payout in his professional poker career. The player finished third in the 2023 WSOP Online $777 Lucky 7’s.


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