DDD98 Is $20,258 Richer After Dominating the 888poker Mystery Bounty Main Event

888poker’s Twitch streamed the recent Mystery Bounty Main Event. The event attracted 985 players including Zharok, FullPony, Flopzilla XD, and AUTIPOSTI. DDD98 won the final hand to receive the title and $20,258 top prize.

Still, the champion won the tournament’s $10,000 jackpot bounty. David Tuchman and Nick Wealthall offered live coverage of the table’s action.

The Top Finalists’ Awards

  1. DDD98 from Brazil- a $20,258 total prize; $7,305 prize and $12,953 bounties
  2. what I sl0v3 from Brazil-a $6,003 total prize; a $5,340 prize and $663 bounties
  3. Zharok from Kazakhstan- a $4,447 total prize; a $3,925 prize and $522 bounties
  4. Flopzilla XD from New Zealand- a $3,739 total prize; a $2,885 prize and $854 bounties
  5. FullPony from Canada- a $2,535 total prize; a $2,135 prize and $400 bounties
  6. AUTIPOSTI from Malta- a $2,192 total prize; a $1,590 prize and $602 bounties
  7. MCBlaze14 from the UK- a $1,400 total prize; a $1,195 prize and $205 bounties
  8. Limitless from Germany- a $1,007 total prize; a $905 prize and $102 bounties

The Last Day’s Highlights

Limitless used pocket sevens to make an under 14 big blind open shove and DDD98 used pocket jacks to make a button call. The latter’s jacks’ dominated, earning him the $10,000 jackpot bounty, and busted the former in eighth place.

MCBlaze14 used king-jack of spades to make 2.2 big blinds raise in late position before calling a 5.4 big blind three-bet that what 1 sl0v3 made using ace-six of clubs. He former checked after a seven-five-six flop occurred and what 1 sl0v3 checked with 3.3 big blinds. Nevertheless, MCBlaze14 made a 9.5 big blind check-raise prompting what 1 sl0v3 to jam all-in.

The former called off their remaining 16.4 big blinds. The river and turn bricked hence eliminating him in seventh place.

AUTIPOSTI used ace-four of clubs to make a 9.2 big blind three-bet all-in move from the small blind after what 1 sl0v3 made a button min-raise. DDD98 used ace-ten to call in the big blind and what 1 sl0v3 mucked.

A ten on the flop busted AUTIPOSTI in the sixth position. FullPony followed him shortly in fifth place.

DDD98 used nine-six of hearts to make a small blind open-shove aiming for antes and blinds. Unfortunately, he failed to steal them as Flopzilla XD used king-queen of spades to call 15.2 big blinds.

Flopzilla XD got a pair of queens from the flop and DDD98 paired a six to get a flush draw. The latter got more outs from a ten on the turn and busted Flopzilla XD in fourth place.

Zharok used ace-seven to make an 8.3 big blind open-shove and what 1 sl0v3 used a pair of queens to snap-call in the hole. However, the five community cards sent Zharok packing in third place.

what 1 sl0v3 had a huge chip lead over DDD98 when their match began. The latter used king-three to min-raise and the former used ten-eight to call. DDD98’s two pair dominated what 1 sl0v3’s third pair and busted him in second place.


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