Detroit Player Claims BetMGM Will Not Pay Up for Online Casino Win

As an online casino player, you expect a prize to be paid out if you won. In almost every instance, it is. However, sometimes, an online casino will say a game was triggered due to a software glitch and they won’t pay up. This is exactly what happened in Michigan, with an online casino player from Detroit stating that the BetMGM operator will not pay for a $3 million prize she won.

Pay Up the Prize

Jacqueline Davis is a player from Detroit who claims she won a big prize from the Luck O’ the Roulette title provided by BetMGM. In speaking with Fox News, Davis was asked if she played a particular number in the roulette game, and she said she played almost every number on the table. She was losing a lot but also winning a lot.

Davis started by betting $50 and then she started to increase her wager. The max bet of the roulette table is $5,000. On March 18, she started playing and kept going for five days in a row. She played all day and did not rest due to the amount of winnings she was earning.

Over five days, she was up and down. At one point, she had over $11 million. When she finally decided to quit, her total came in at $3 million. Once she reached the $3 million mark, she wanted to withdraw. At the end of the month, she traveled to the MGM Detroit casino and asked for a $100,000 advance on the winnings and she was given cash.

She went back to get more money and the casino told her no. They said she was not going to get any more from the casino. The operator then claimed that she won due to a glitch in the game.

Hiring an Attorney

As soon as the operator decided to say the payment was not being made due to a glitch, Davis hired an attorney. David Steingold is her lawyer, and he says that if there was a glitch, that is not a defense. The casino should have checked to make sure the game was functioning correctly.

According to Steingold, the operator was instructed by regulators to check games each night, every 24 hours. For Davis, she was able to play for five days in a row and earn a massive amount of prize money. The attorney is questionable about the glitches and wants to know how much the online casino has made from the game.

The attorney is now suggesting that if the glitch was really there, should those who lost their money be paid back by the casino? Steingold said that a settlement was offered to Davis regarding the matter. BetMGM said she could keep the $100,000 that was paid to her and she would have to sign a confidentiality agreement that said if the glitch information was made public then she would have to pay back the money and costs to BetMGM.

This is an ongoing case, and it will be interesting to see how Davis and her attorney handle it from here. BetMGM is a major online gambling company and this is not a good look for maintaining a good customer reputation.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.