Digging for Gold: Will Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim Pick His Nose Tonight?

Sports betting can have some interesting prop bets and now bettors can bet on a strange one regarding Syracuse University men’s basketball coach Jim Boeheim.

Today, bettors can wager on whether or not Boeheim will pick his nose during tonight’s game against the Duke Blue Devils.

The game will be played at Duke and will start at 7 pm ET.

Currently, BetOnline is leading towards Boeheim not picking his nose at -200. On the other hand, they have him picking his nose at +150.

This means that you have to put $200 on him not picking his nose to win $100. It also means if you put $100 down that Boeheim will dig for gold, you’ll make $150.

Originally, they had Boeheim at -500 that Boeheim wouldn’t and +300 that he would. If you make the right choice, you could strike gold like Boeheim, but differently.

Syracuse Coach has History of Nose Picking

While this prop bet is certainly weird, it doesn’t exist for the sake of existing.

Despite being one of the most successful NCAA coaches of all-time, Boeheim is not without his flaws. In fact, he has a history of picking his nose when the cameras are rolling. The most recent incident actually happened earlier this month.

Around two weeks ago, Boeheim was caught picking his nose during a game and proceeded to eat whatever he found.

If you’re easily grossed out, you may want to skip the video below.

But Boeheim picking his nose is far from a recent thing. He was spotted as far back as 2013 when it came to being caught with a finger in his nostril. It’s gotten to the point where fans have even brought cardboard cutouts of Boeheim picking his nose to NCAA games.

Boeheim Plays Off Nose “Scratching”

While BetOnline may be leaning towards Boeheim keeping his finger at bay for tonight’s game, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he strikes again.

Most people might be ashamed if they were caught picking their nose on national television, but not Boeheim.

When called out about it once in 2015, Boeheim said that he was just scratching his nose, but video evidence shows otherwise. In fact, it seems like Boeheim is caught “scratching” the inside of his nose a couple of times a year.

Whether he’s picking or scratching, the fact is clear: Boeheim doesn’t care if he gets caught. With a mentality like that, this prop bet could really go either way.

Devon Platana
Devon Platana

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