Dinesh Alt Demolishes SCOOP Titans and Wins a $157,000 Bounty

Most progressive knockout tournaments (PKO) often give winners bounty prizes. Yet, Dinesh "NastyMinder" Alt got an extraordinary prize after winning the $5,200 Titans. He defeated 162 entrants in the event and received $230,145.

The SCOOP66-H: $5,200 NLHE 8-Max PKO Titans tournament had a huge pool as Alt got $157,285 from the bounty pool. This makes it one of the largest bounty payments ever seen in the history of online poker.

The PKO Titans Final Table

The following are the final table's results:

  1. Dinesh "NastyMinder" Alt from Austria got $230,145 total prize including a $157,285 bounty and $72,860 prize
  2. Andy "BowieEffect" Wilson from the United Kingdom won a $75,360 total prize, including a $2,500 bounty and a $72,860 prize
  3. Ramon "RamonColillas" Colillas from Andorra won a $65,120 total prize including a $15,937 bounty and $49,183 prize
  4. Mathias "giftmyra" Joelsson from Sweden won a $45,964 total prize, including a $7,910 bounty and a $38,054 prize
  5. Oriente1 from Bolivia received a $53,819 total prize including a $24,375 bounty and a $29,444 prize
  6. Sintoras from Germany won a $30,594 total prize including a $7,812 bounty and $22,782 prize
  7. Daniel "SmilleThHero" Smilikovic from Austria received a $29,814 total prize including a $12,187 bounty and $17,627 prize
  8. mamamamama70 from Sweden got a $13,638 total prize including 0 bounty and a $13,638 prize
  9. Elio "smokrokflock" Fox from Canada got a $20,202 total prize including a $8,750 bounty and $11,452 prize

The 163 entrants field had an $815,000 prize pool, half of which was shared by each player, and the remaining half was divided among the top 20 players. Ognyan "colojamb0" Dimov received $1,875 scalps and busted the money bubble. Francisco "Tomatee" Benitez, Patrick "pads1161" Leonard and Preben "prebz" Stokkan cashed. Benitez set the final table after finishing 10th.

Dinesh Alt's Run Eliminates Elio Fox

Elio "smokrokflok" Fox was the first finalist to leave the table after crushing in a cooler of a hand. He raised from the gun to 88,000 as Mathias "giftmyra" Joelsson called, and Fox squeezed 330,000 on a button.

Alt then folded Joelsson after making it to 700,000, and Fox went all-in with 1,886,683. Alt made a snap call, then flipped over his pocket kings while Fox held a pair of queens. The kings held and gave Alt a chip lead.

mamamamama70 was eliminated after Fox. Alt shoved from a middle position when the blinds were 25,000/50,000/6,000a, and no one was behind him had over 25 big blinds. Daniel "SmilleThHero '' Smilikovic made an all-in call with 383,950 chips as mamamamama70 made a 1,008,297 all-in call from a small blind.

Alt turned ten-eight of diamonds, mamamamama70 turned a pair of nines, and Smiljkovic turned pocket queens in the hole. Unfortunately, a ten on the flop busted mamamamama70 in the eighth position as Smiljkovic won a side pot.

Still, Smiljkovic got eliminated next despite getting the reprieve. Alt made a 120,000 min-raise in the cutoff when Smiljkovic crashed out.

Andy "BowieEffect" Wilson called as Smiljkovic called to keep a big blind. The flop turned out a ten-deuce-nine having two diamonds.

Alt wagered 180,000 when Smiljkovic checked, and Wilson jumped out of his way. But, Smilkjovic made an all-in check raise for 453,350, and Alt called.

The latter used queen-ten to flop a top pair when Smilkjovic required urgent assistance after his nine-eight flopped a weak pair. Even so, he didn't get help and was sent packing.


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