Dominykas Mikolaitis Leads in the $10,300 Buy-In GGPoker Super MILLION$

The $10,300 buy-in GGPoker Super MILLION$ attracted 197 entrants. But they were reduced to nine finalists on Day 1, with Dominykas Mikolaitis leading the pack.

Each finalist is guaranteed of winning at least $57,203. Still, the eventual winner will take home $400,423. Mikolaitis has the largest stack at the final table, and he is eyeing the first-place prize.

The poker player had a huge chip lead in the March 2022 Super MILLION$ final table. He beat all his opponents and eventually won $428,624.

The Final Table's Chip Counts

  1. Dominykas Mikolaitis from Poland – 5,532,914 chips or 111 big blinds
  2. LJoseph62 from Canada – 4,517,006 chips or 90 big blinds
  3. Gediminas Uselis from Mexico – 2,436,004 chips or 49 big blinds
  4. Simon Mattsson from Norway – 1,520,008 chips or 30 big blinds
  5. Yuri Dzivielevski from Brazil – 1,518,309 chips or 30 big blinds
  6. William "COL_Moutarde" Blais from Canada – 1,422,208 chips or 28 big blinds
  7. Mario "St@edLer" Navarro from Andorra – 1,146,800 chips or 23 big blinds
  8. Niklas Astedt from Norway – 980,358 chips or 20 big blinds
  9. Wiktor Malinowski from Macau – 626,393 chips or 13 big blinds

Mikolaitis resumes playing with 5,532,914 chips and is the only player with three-figure big blinds. Thus, he has a huge chance of winning the tournament. He needs to finish second or first to exceed $3 million GGPoker winnings.

It is advisable not to wager against him winning the title. LJoseph62 will attract a lot of attention once action resumes.

He often uses in-built gambling software to sell 40.8 percent of his stack to 12 stakers. They include 10 percent to Alex "FutureofMe" Kuley and 11.9 percent to Gaby Blaaspijp. Both of them are likely to get a huge return from their investment, while LJoseph62 has a high chance of winning the tournament.

Gediminas Uselis sits third in the chip standings with 2,436,004 chips. His stack is almost half of LJoseph62's stack, but poker enthusiasts shouldn't underestimate his winning chances. The player has won a World Series of Poker (WSOP) ring and bracelet in the past.

The Final Table's Payouts

  • 1st player – $400,423
  • 2nd player – $313,965
  • 3rd player – $246,175
  • 4th player – $193,022
  • 5th player – $151,346
  • 6th player – $118,667
  • 7th player – $93,045
  • 8th player – $72,955
  • 9th player – $57,203

Simon Mattson is the latest WSOP Online Main Event winner and a three-time Super MILLION$ winner. He sits fourth at the chip standings and has vast experience in competitive poker tournaments. Reports state that the poker pro has won over $10.8 million at GGPoker.

Still, he has a lot to do to win the Super MILLION$ title as he holds 1,520,008 chips, thus being in the middle of the pack. Yuri Dzivielevski is fifth at the table behind Mattsson with less than a 2,000 chips difference. He hasn't won another Super MILLION$ title in the past 18 months after beating Michael Addamo and taking home $408,406.

The remaining players have sub-30 bug blind stacks but haven't exited the event yet. William "COL Moutarde" Blais is in the sixth chip position with 1,422,208 chips or 28 big blinds.

Mario "St@edLer" Navarro is seventh with 1,146,800 chips. Niklas Astedt has 980,358 despite winning five Super MILLION$ titles. Wiktor Malinowski has the smallest stack of 626,393 chips.


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