DraftKings Casino 5 for 5 Promo – $4 Million Still Up for Grabs

The DraftKings Casino currently runs a new promotion each week on its various United States sites. Each promo has a $1,000,000 prize pool. The casino has gone ahead of other casino operators as it has many promotions.

The 5 for 5 promo has attracted many players to the casino, and it has $5,000,000 prizes that it will give winning players during the five weeks.

The first week's winner received $1,000,000, and the second week is ongoing together with DraftKings' Blackjack Hot Streaks promotion that has a $1 million prize. The winner needs to have the longest winning streak in different branded blackjack games that the casino provides.

Hot Streaks awards $50,000 daily prizes that will end on February 21. Also, DraftKings will distribute a $550,000 prize pool after the competition has ended and award the overall winner $100,000. Players should win more than seven consecutive eligible blackjack games.

Still, players have more opportunities to pad their bankrolls, as DraftKings will distribute $3,000,000 in forthcoming weeks. Each week will have a new $1,000,000 promotion.

The casino operator has a unique sign-up offer with a 100 percent deposit bonus for up to $2,000. Players will get $50 no deposit credits once they register, an amazing rewards program, and more than 500 famous video slots.

Does DraftKings Have Other Upcoming Promos?

In the recent past, DraftKings has steadily revealed vital details about individual promotions when they go live. Yet, no one is certain about what the casino plans to do with the $3,000,000 left.

We might see a drastic increase in the slots and branded table games that it will offer in Week 3, including Cash Machine and Hundred Grand. No one knows which game the money will boost since it will be a weekly promotion, and there might be several jackpots in that period.

It is unclear how Week 4's Community Pool will be. Even so, it is likely to have $1,000,000 added prizes. This might not be an ordinary casino promotion but a promo that any player can take part in.

Week 5's $1,000,000 Leaderboard might concentrate on slots. Players will strive to get the highest possible position on the leaderboard to get a share of its large prize.

How the Next Several Weeks Will Be at DraftKings Casino

The 5 for 5 promo is available at DraftKings Casino Michigan, DraftKings Casino New Jersey, DraftKings Casino Pennsylvania in its West Virginia and Connecticut platforms. Thus, anyone can sign up to try their luck.

This promo will end on March 14, and many casino fans will be excited to look for extra value in the forthcoming weeks. Moreover, this is the best time to sign up at the casino if you lack a DraftKings Casino Account. Its current promotions are providing "5 million reasons to play".

DraftKings Casino provides the largest welcome bonuses in the country. It improved its loyalty program by launching Dynasty Rewards for regular players. Players who are eligible for the program are those who live in the District of Columbia and the fifty states, and they should be 21 years or older.


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