Drive-Thru Sports Betting Comes To Las Vegas

With casinos and sportsbooks shut down throughout the state of Nevada, businesses are looking for creative ways to open back up. A pair of sportsbooks have decided to launch a drive-thru sports betting service in an effort to bring in business and begin the recovery efforts from the coronavirus pandemic.

South Point hotel-casino began offering this drive-thru service to customers on Wednesday, and Circa Sports began taking business on Thursday. Even though this is a very different way to bet on sports, most of the services and the process works much of the same.

Nevada gaming laws require customers to register for a sports betting account in person. This has been impossible due to sportsbooks being closed, and it is costing businesses a ton of money. Customers can now register for a new account at these drive-thru locations, and they can also make deposits before betting.

South Point was utilizing its valet parking area as the place to service customers on Wednesday. Circa Sports announced that they were going to copy the plan from South Point and use their valet parking location as well.

Even though sportsbooks still don’t have a ton of live sports to take bets on, there is still a chance to make some money. Residents in Las Vegas are also looking for entertainment now that the Las Vegas Strip has been shut down, and drive-thru sports betting is a great option.

South Point and Circa Sports are not taking the bets on-site, but they are providing a much-needed service. Both companies are acting like customer service and can aid new customers in the sign-up process.

South Point Sportsbook Director Chris Andrew noted that workers were carrying a sterilized clipboard with all of the papers that a customer might need to open a new account. All workers were required to wear face masks, and social distancing measures were in place to keep everyone safe.

Various news outlets reported that there was a long line of cars at South Point on Wednesday, and the same was expected at Circa Sports on Thursday. Other outlets reported that some vehicles chose to leave the line on Wednesday due to such a long waiting period.

Daily Hours

South Point Sportsbooks is planning on offering the service from 11 am to 6 pm every day. Circa Sports announced that they would be open from 10 am to 6 pm daily starting on Thursday morning.

South Point also announced this week that they were reopening their mobile app, which has been shut down through the pandemic. One of the biggest reasons for relaunching the app was to offer betting on UFC 249 set to take place this weekend.

Circa Sports has kept its mobile app up and running through the crisis, but they have not been able to take on any new customers. With their new drive-thru service, they are hoping to attract new customers and begin to start the recovery process.

Circa employees are able to accept winning or refunded betting tickets at the drive-thru service as well. Employees are not allowed to carry any cash outside of the sportsbook, but the money will be credited to a customer’s account.

Circa Sports is also launching a pair of NFL handicapping contests. The contests, Circa Survivor and Circa Sports Million II, cost $1,000 for each entry. New customers can sign up for these contests when opening a new account.

Both companies have encouraged existing customers to use the mobile app to make deposit or withdrawal requests. Customers can get help through the drive-thru service, but any information can be found on the app.


Logan is based in Los Angeles and is an avid poker player having played in tournaments across the globe. He covers both poker & regulatory affairs.