Dzmitry Urbanovich Is the PGT Mixed Games Event No.4 Champion

The 2023 PokerGO Tour (PGT) Mixed Games II festival’s $10,200 Eight-Game Mix event was star-studded as it featured Daniel Negreanu and Dzmitry Urbanovich. But the latter won the $179,200 first-place prize, and his lifetime poker winnings rose to $7.4 million.

He garnered 300 Card Player Player of the Year (POY) points and 179 PGT points, which earned him a third-place position in the PGT race. Negreanu finished second in the latest tournament and amassed 250 POY points in his 11th final table this year.

The poker legend has over $840,000 POY payouts and 2,424 points that have helped him be among the leading 100 players in Global Poker’s POY race. Still, Negreanu is the 28th player on the PGT leaderboard. He has $1.2 million in winnings in 22 recorded cashes.

Negreanu is a Poker Hall of Famer who won two World Poker Tour (WPT) titles in the past. Reports indicate that he has $50,487,491 winnings in his career. Besides, he is the fifth top earner on the all-time money poker list and is among the few players who have won over $50 million.

PokerGO Studio hosted the $10,200 Eight-Game Mix tournament for two days. Some of the players who got eliminated late in Day 1 included John Hennigan, Andrew Kelsall, and Dylan Linde.

The Top Finalists’ Scores

  1. Dzmitry Urbanovich-$179,200;300
  2. Daniel Negreanu-$117,600;250
  3. Arthur Morris-$78,400;200
  4. Max Hoffman-$56,000;150
  5. Anthony Zinno-$44,800;125
  6. John Hennigan-$33,600;100
  7. Andrew Kelsall-$28,000;75

The Last Day’s Action Highlights

Anthony Zinno, a four-time WSOP bracelet and three-time WPT winner, left the table in fifth place early on Day 2. He used pocket aces to stake his chips in preflop in pot-limit Omaha. Still, Arthus Morris used double-suited three-broadway to make two pair and busted Zinno with $44,800.

Max Hoffman’s pocket kings lost to Urbanovich’s A-8 suited, and he finished fourth with $56,000. A round of Omaha eight-or-better cost Morris a few huge pots.

Negreanu beat him in a hand and sent him packing in third place after his opponent’s 6-5-4-2-A for the low lost to his kings up for the high. It was Morris fifth time to play on a final table in 2023. However, he finished second with $809,167 in the 2023 WSOP $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha tournament.

His exit set heads-up action between Negreanu and Urbanovich. Negreanu got a crucial early lead in a round of stud before Urbanovich reduced the chip gap in a pot-limit Omaha round.

Urbanovich used QSpade Suit7Heart Suit6Spade Suit5Heart Suit to make a button raise in the event’s final hand, and Negreanu used QDiamond SuitJSpade Suit8Spade Suit6Club Suit to make a quick call. The flop revealed QClub Suit4Club Suit3Diamond Suit when the latter check-called the former’s continuation wager.

Negreanu got top two pair after 8Heart Suit appeared on the turn. He wagered the pot before Urbanovich used wrap straight draw and top pair to make an all-in raise.

The river revealed 2Heart Suit after Negreanu’s call, earning Urbanovich the title and pot after improving to a six-high straight.


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