Eelis Parssinen Eyes His Maiden GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title

The GGPoker Super MILLION$ latest edition is in its final table stage as nine players out of the initial 174 entrants are competing for a portion of the $1,740,000 prize pool. Each of them is guaranteed to win at least $50,524. But, the top six players will have a six-figure score, and the winner will receive $353,673.

Action will continue at 6:00 p.m. GMT as the GGPoker stream shows each player's move. A special guest will join Jeff Gross in commentating online poker's largest weekly event.

The Final Table's Chip Counts

  1. Vladimir "GEOMETRIYAEMILY" Minko from Mexico – 4,221,145 chips or 106 big blinds
  2. Eelis Parssinen from Finland – 2,913,131 chips or 73 big blinds
  3. Oliver Weis from Austria – 2,645,440 chips or 66 big blinds
  4. Ravid Garbi from Israel – 2,581,719 chips or 65 big blinds
  5. Andrei "Mr-Doberman" Nikonorov from Russia – 1,880,220 chips or 47 big blinds
  6. Rodrigo Sirichuk from brazil – 1,259,713 chips or 32 big blinds
  7. Johannes "Hazes" Straver from Austria – 768,006 chips or 19 big blinds
  8. spaise411 from Russia – 713,596 chips or 18 big blinds
  9. joyeux from Mexico – 417,030 chips or 10 big blinds

Vladimir Minko is the stack leader as he goes to the final table. He is the only player with over 100 big blinds which greatly increases his chances of winning the tournament. Besides, it is his first time to reach a Super MILLION$ final table.

The player might be infamous, but the odds might favor him at the table. Eelis Parssinen is a popular pot-limit Omaha expert who has played at several no-limit Hold'em tables in the past. He holds 73 big blinds and is among the top contenders for the Super MILLION$ title.

This is Parssinen's third week to cash in the tournament. Oliver Weis is third in the chip standings with 66 big blinds. He is an experienced tournament grinder even though he occasionally plays Super MILLION$ events.

Reports show that Weis has made almost $1.5 million GGPoker cashes. He has many accomplishments including winning a GGMasters title. Still, he is optimistic that he will win the Super MILLION$ title.

Ravid Garbi is striving to win his first Super MILLION$ title. He used GGPoker-s in-built staking software to sell 55.5 percent of his action.

Daniel Dvoress bought 50 percent of the action and is guaranteed $25,000 which can increase to $176,000 once Garbi wins the tournament.

Andrei "Mr-Doberman" Nikonorov recently made three consecutive Super MILLION$ cashes. He finished eighth last week after using pocket nines to commit his stack. Unfortunately, it ran into Rodrigo Sirichuk's kings and lost.

The latter finished in third place last week and won over $200,000. He sits at the table with 32 big blinds and will exceed $4.5 million in GGPoker earnings if he finishes sixth or in a better position. Sirichuk's best score is $250,839 which he won in the $25,500 Super High Roller.

The three remaining finalists have less than 20 big blinds and have to improve their standings to win the title. Johannes Straver is seventh with 19 big blinds, spaise411 eighth with 18 big blinds, and joyeux ninth with 10 big blinds.

Straver won a GGMasters title in the past, spaise411 won $106,018 after finishing sixth three weeks ago and joyeux won $78,986 on February 15 after reaching their last Super MILLION$ final table.

The Final Table's Payouts

  • 1st player – $353,673
  • 2nd player – $277,310
  • 3rd player – $217,434
  • 4th player – $170,486
  • 5th player – $133,676
  • 6th player – $104,813
  • 7th player – $82,182
  • 8th player – $64,437
  • 9th player – $50,524


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