Eli Elezra, Soren Lundgren, Griffin Benger, and Andrew Yeh Win Various Side Tournaments at the NAPT

Most poker players concentrated on the 2023 PokerStars North American Poker Tour’s (NAPT) large tournaments including the $10,300 Super High Roller and $1,650 NAPT Main Event. Yet, players like Eli Elezra, Soren Lundgren, Griffin Benger, and Andrew Yeh won interesting side tournaments in the NAPT.

Elezra Tops the $5,300 8-Game

Event No.23:$5,300 8-Game featured 32 players including Mori Eskandani and Phil Hellmuth, who formed a $160,000 prize pool that the leading six entrants shared. It lasted for two days and Elezra thrashed Michael Martinelli in the last hand. He won the $53,540 first-place prize and Spadie trophy.

What Were the Biggest Scores?

  1. Eli Elezra from the U.S.-$53,540
  2. Michael Martinelli from the U.S.-$34,920
  3. Julien Martini from France-$24,055
  4. David Funkhouser from the U.S.-$17,850
  5. Erik Sagstrom from Sweden-$13,970
  6. David “ODB” Baker from the U.S.-$10,865

The Last Chance Super Hyper Turbo Awards Griffin Benger $17,250

Event No.32:$1,100 NLH Last Chance Super Hyper Turbo had 41 participants and a $50,000 prize pool, which was less than its initial guarantee. Benger was a commentator in the NAPT Main Event and hurriedly joined the Last Chance. He beat his opponents and took home $17,250.

The Top Payouts

  1. Griffin Benger from Canada-$17,250
  2. Huigang Zhang from the U.S.-$11,250
  3. Jedrzej Smaruj from Poland-$7,750
  4. Joel Isla from Spain-$5,750
  5. David Levy from the U.S.-$4,500
  6. Dongwoo Ko from Canada-$3,500

Andrew Yeh’s Determination in the $550 8-Game Pays Off

The $550 Buy-In $20,000 Guaranteed 8-Game had 65 players and a $31,200 prize pool that the nine leading entrants shared. Yeh defeated Benjamin Miner in a tough battle of the blinds to win $9,355 and a Spadie trophy.

What Did the Leading Players Win?

  1. Andrew Yeh-$9,355
  2. Benjamin Miner-$6,085
  3. Oliver Vereschagin-$4,320
  4. Bob Chow-$3,325
  5. Nathan Gamble-$2,560
  6. Kao Saechao-$1,965
  7. Ari Engel-$1,515
  8. Daniel Anton-$1,170
  9. Vincent Calicchia-$905

Lundgren Is the NAPT Seniors Event’s Champion

The 2023 NAPT $550 Seniors (50+) Event featured 87 players who formed a $41,760 prize pool that surpassed its initial $20,000 guarantee. Melvin Hicks and David Gutfreund cashed despite missing a seat at the final table.

It was Lena Evans’ second final table in the NAPT after exiting the Women’s Event in the sixth position. She took home $1,630 after finishing eighth. Soren Lundgren eliminated their opponents and won $8,257.

The Finalists’ Prizes

  1. Soren Lundgren-$8,257
  2. Mimi Roeder-$8,257
  3. Jack Sloan-$8,256
  4. Nader Hatem-$4,170
  5. Jason Patton-$3,205
  6. Mari Martinez-$2,550
  7. Kenji Ypshimura-$2,040
  8. Lena Evans-$1,630
  9. Nina Hazdovac-$1,305


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