Encore Boston Harbor Dealing with Baccarat Cheating Scheme and Stabbing Incident

The Encore Boston Harbor in Massachusetts is dealing with two issues this week, one involving a cheating scheme and the other, a stabbing on-site. The negative press is not helping the casino as it works to gain ground after losing revenues during 2020 as the pandemic began.

Baccarat Cheating Scheme

Let’s start with the baccarat cheating scheme. A card dealer and two other individuals have been accused of cheating the casino via baccarat games. The individuals were indicted this week for obtaining $23,500 in illegal winnings from two nights of gameplay.

The former dealer, Jianming Li and Jun Zhang worked together to create the plan. Zhang is a former dealer at a Maryland casino. Li would deal cards exposed and then memorize them and mark them with another card. He would then use a cell phone to alert Zhang to which cards were involved in the game and the order.

The men were able to use the information to win hands, which resulted in the winnings. Once caught, the men were indicted on charges of cheating based on the gaming act. They also face conspiracy charges and larceny based on a single scheme. A third suspect in the case, De Lin, was charged with cheating under the gaming act as well as conspiracy.

As much as five years in prison and fines may be issued based on the sentencing handed down by the judge in this case.

Stabbing Incident

Along with the cheating incident, the Encore is also dealing with a stabbing incident. This week, two individuals were indicted for being involved in an assault involving a man at the casino. James Johnson and David Guante have been indicted on assault and battery.

The men got into a dispute with a third person in the casino near the cashier. Johnson is said to have hit the victim in the face. Guante also jumped in and is reportedly the one who stabbed the victim. He was hit in the abdomen.

If the two suspects are convicted, they could face up to two years in prison along with a fine. The incident was a scary one and affected the patrons at the venue as well as employees as it occurred.

Protecting the Casino and Patrons

Incidents such as this showcase the need for quality casino security. Every casino has security in place, from individuals on the gaming floor to surveillance cameras. When cheating incidents or acts of violence occur, the casino can use the footage from the cameras or witness information to provide insight to police or gaming regulators.

Casinos are often top picks for criminals as they are home to tens of thousands of dollars in cash and unsuspecting pray. Mix in alcohol and you have fights breaking out or verbal assaults. It is not uncommon for security to break up a fight every now and then, though most do not end in a stabbing as the one at the Encore.

Casinos strive to offer a safe environment for players and work hard to ensure that games are fair. Instances like the ones at the Encore do happen, but not on a regular basis. With a quality security team involved, even if such occurrences take place, there are people onsite and technology that can be used to press charges against those involved.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.