EPL Vows To Finish Season

English Premier League officials met on Thursday with the Football Association about plans to resume or continue playing the EPL season. Both sides have agreed that the season will be finished to completion, but a new timetable has not been set for when play will resume.

The English Premier League was hoping to resume play on April 3, but the two sides have now agreed to push that date back until April 30, at the earliest. The league currently has a rule in place that states that all games must be completed by June 1, but the two sides have agreed to scrap that rule based on the extenuating set of circumstances.

The UEFA Euro 2020 was supposed to take place this summer, but that has been postponed until 2021.

One of the main reasons that the league is planning to complete the season is because there is currently a trio of teams that are fighting against relegation. AFC Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Norwich City are currently at the bottom of the English Premier League standings, and they would be the three teams that are relegated if the season ended.

With this new announcement, the three teams will at least have a chance to fight for survival.

Another storyline to watch when English Premier League play resumes is which team will win the league title. Liverpool is currently on top of the league standings, and they are just one win away from capturing their first title in 30 years.

Handing them the trophy during a suspended season would take away much of the excitement and celebration that awaits the club when play is resumed.

Premier League Clubs Offering Assistance

With the coronavirus continuing to wreak havoc in countries throughout Europe, several Premier League soccer clubs and players have stepped up to offer their assistance. Donating money is one of the biggest ways in which clubs and players are aiding in the relief effort, but some teams have thought of some unique and innovative ways to help as well.

Aston Villa

Aston Villa already had over 1,000 packed lunches ready to give to gameday workers for their upcoming matchup with Chelsea. The club distributed these lunches to homeless organizations as well as provided shelter accommodations.

The club also donated a large amount of fresh food to a food distributor on March 20.


Chelsea has offered up one of their hotels as a place where NHS hospital staff can stay as they continue to fight the coronavirus. Medical personnel in London will be able to stay at the Millenium Hotel at Stamford Bridge, free of charge.

Callum Hudson-Odoi, a forward on the Chelsea team, was the first player in the Premier League to test positive for the coronavirus.


Brighton has suspended their team training for the next two weeks, and they are coming up with new and creative ways to use this team. Members of the Brighton Football Club will phone older supporters of the team to keep up with them and provide some words of encouragement during these difficult times.

Manchester City and Manchester United

Manchester City and Manchester United might be rivals on the pitch, but they are teaming up in their efforts to provide some relief during the coronavirus pandemic. Both clubs have agreed to donate 50,000 Euro apiece to the Trussel Trust, which helps supply over 1,200 food banks in Manchester.

These food banks have seen an increase in demand over recent weeks as much of the country is shut down, and workers are now without jobs.


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