Eric Persson and Daniel Negreanu’s Rivalry at High Stakes Poker Continues

Eric Persson and Daniel Negreanu have a huge following online. They clashed on PokerGO's High Stakes Poker show on Tuesday, each of them striving to win the most pots.

Still, the two poker pros clashed recently in a High Stakes Duel IV Round 1 which earned Negreanu $100,000. Persson withdrew from a rematch, hence prompting the tournament's organizers to find his replacement. Other players who participated in Tuesday's event were Bill Klein, Eric Hicks, Ben Lamb, Charles Yu, and Stanley Choi.

Lamb's High Momentum

Lamb kicked off the $200/$400 no-limit Hold'em cash game's action on a high note using A♠K♣ to make an $8,200 three-bet. Yet, Yu used 9♠8♠ to make a $25,000 four-bet. Lamb made a $191,000 all-in jam prompting his rival to discard his cards.

He won another pot after using A♦5♥ to land a straight on the turn on a 3♥2♠9♦4♠ board as $39,600 was in the middle. This didn't deter Lamb from placing a $20,000 wager hoping to win the three-way pot. Unfortunately, Hicks and Klein couldn't continue playing.

Persson's Raise Thrills Negreanu

Choi used A♣7♦ to make a $3,000 button raise. Negreanu used K♠Q♣ to call and Persson called with K♦10♥. The preflop raiser used ace-high to wager $4,000 after action checked and 3♦Q♦K♥ appeared on the flop.

Persson used the top pair to wager $19,000 and Negreanu used the top two pair to make a $64,000 re-raise. Choi got out of Persson's way as he strategized to outperform Negreanu. Persson made a $96,000 all-in move that didn't help him.

Negreanu snap-called and lost to runner-runners. But, a 3♥ earned him a $206,000 pot.

Persson won a $48,000 pot and avenged against Negreanu after making a three-high wager on a flop forcing his opponent off ace-high. The former beat the latter in another pot after he got a flush from a diamond on the river.

The Two Arc-Rivals' Battle

Persson and Negreanu continued clashing in exciting hands. The latter used 4♠4♣ to limp and the former used A♥J♥ to wager $2,000 on the button before they clashed in a heads-up battle for the flop.

Negreanu wagered $1,000 and Persson called. The latter checked the turn and the former wagered $8,000 before getting a 9♠. Persson dark-checked the river and called while Negreanu wagered $21,000.

The dealer turned A♣ and created a cooler. Persson made a $147,000 effective all-in move that overpowered Negreanu as he failed to fold the top two pair. The latter informed his opponent that the hand was amazing and he couldn't get out of it.

Persson continued making accurate moves against Yu after they flopped a set against the top kicker and top pair. The latter made a $98,000 all-in move fast as they faced an $83,000 pot and $25,000 wager.

Klein folded his cards after flopping a flush draw. His move helped Persson win an over $250,000 pot.


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