Eric Persson Dominates in Episode 2 of High Stakes Poker Season 11

Episode 2 of the High Stakes Poker Season 11 show played on Monday. Eric Persson dominated it most of the time, and it had a $1 million pot. The player sat at the table shortly after its action began.

Nevertheless, some of his opponents included Charles Yu, Jean-Robeert Bellande, Ferdinand Putra, Rob Yong, Rick Salomon, and Andrew Robl.

What Were the Chip Stacks’ Sizes?

  1. Andrew Robl – $1,652,000
  2. Rick Salomon – $957,000
  3. Rob Yong – $869,000
  4. Ferdinand Putra – $607,000
  5. Jean-Robert Bellande – $530,000
  6. Charles Yu – $385,000

The Huge Pot

One of the show’s biggest pots in its history played shortly after it kicked off. Bellande used Q♠Q♥ to make a $2,000 raise at the $8,000 double, and Yu used A♦K♥ to make a $60,000 raise. The former made a $500,000 raise and put the latter in a tricky spot.

A shove occurred before the call as Bellande created the $1,032,000 pot. He informed his opponent that avoided getting called when they waited for the dealer to deal community cards. The duo agreed to run the huge stake twice to reduce the risk.

Eric Persson Arrives at the Table

Persson has taken part in the recent high-stakes poker shows at Bally’s Big Bet Poker LIVE and Hustler Casino Live. Still, he sat at the table with $500,000 chips.

The poker pro used Q♥Q♣ to make a $2,000 limp in early position. Bellande used 9♦7♣ to call in late position. Yong used 6♥5♥ to call on the button, while Putra called with Q♦2♥.

The flop revealed 5♦5♣3♠ and earned Yong trips after placing a $12,000 wager. However, Persson was the only player who called him. J♠ landed on the turn prompting Persson to check.

6♣ landed on the river, and Persson placed a $45,000 over-bet. Yong used his superior hand to make a $200,000 raise before receiving a call and winning a $436,000 pot.

Bellande used an open-ended straight draw to semi-bluff Persson. The latter used jack-high to intimidate Robl before losing a $249,000 pot to pocket jacks. Bellande got in a difficult spot after using 4♠3♠ to make a $90,000 raise on the 10♦J♠A♦ while facing Yu’s A♣K♣.

Persson folded Yong’s huge four-bet preflop, which he made with A♣K♥. The former used Q♥9♠ to make a $16,000 triple straddle, and Robl used A♣K♦ to make a $45,000 raise. Persson called before the flop revealed A♥9♣5♥ as each player got a pair.

Roble had a $45,000 lead before he received a call. 4♠ landed on the turn, and the player placed a $102,000 wager.

Persson made a $238,000 all-in move, and Robl promptly called. The duo ran the call once and landed 5♠ on the river.

Roble won the episode’s last pot and increased his stack to almost $2.2 million. PokerGO will broadcast High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 3 on August 21 at 5:00 p.m.


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