Evolution Goes Live in Two States

Evolution Gaming is starting to become a household name when it comes to online poker, and it just recently went live in a pair of states. A brand new lived dealer video poker online casino game is now available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and it’s expected to become extremely popular. 

This is a game that is expected to change up the live dealer casino games as it is the first of its kind in this industry. There will be brand new technology used in this game, but it will be combined with an old school feel. 

At this time there is no firm timetable for a launch in additional states, but it’s likely to make an appearance at some point. Since Evolution Gaming works with so many other big name operators, other sites will be looking to feature this brand new game. 

One of the most impressive new features of this game is that players can play up to 100 different hands at a time, which has never been seen before. Five different pay tables will be available for players as well, giving some great options. 

This is a completely new direction from Evolution Gaming as it is typically known for it’s great collection of online slots. Rumors of this launch have been loathing around for awhile, but the day has finally come. 

Plenty of New Games

Evolution Gaming can already make the claim of being the top software supplier in the online casino industry, and it’s not slowing down. Live dealer games now appear to be where this company is heading, and it’s moving right past some other suppliers. 

The company has a license in four other states, and players in those states should start to get these games as well. Some notable live dealer games come from Evolution Gaming, but it has also been releasing exclusive games in states. 

Crazy Coin Flip was one of those exclusive games and it went live in New Jersey back in 2023. That game is now available in Pennsylvania as well, and those two markets are good test options for this company. 

Pennsylvania online casinos are going to feature “Crazy Time” in the early part of June as that is the latest project from this company. 

Back to Newest Game

At this point it is hard to keep up with all of the new titles coming from Evolution Gaming, but this latest project might be the best. For those that have enjoyed playing video poker machines for years, this game will take them right back to those glory days. 

There is also an opportunity to play First Person Video Poker, and that’s another feature that hasn’t been seen in this industry. It’s going to take players some time to get used to all of the new features as this game is not typical. 

One thing that you can always get out of Evolution Gaming is some great graphics and that is the case with this game as well.


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