Fedor Holz, GGPoker Ambassador, Advances to Super MILLION$ Final Table

Fedor Holz thrilled GGPoker fans when he reached the $10,300 Super MILLION$ final table in second place. He will win the $557,636 if he beats all his opponents. Some people speculate that the poker pro used the Ask Fedor feature to make vital decisions in the tournament.

This week's Super MILLION$ partly forms the $150 million guaranteed GG Online Championship, and it has 268 entries that formed a $2,680,000 prize pool that the top 30 finishers will share.

The final table was expected to be a nine-handed affair. But, Zangezund's elimination in tenth place and Wiktor Malinowski's exit in ninth place left eight players only at the table.

The $10,300 Super MILLION$ High Rollers Final Table

  1. Artur Martirosian from Russia-$6,584,048
  2. Fedor Holz from Austria-$5,306,581
  3. Aleks Ponakovs from Latvia-$3,950,435
  4. Christian Rudolph from Austria-$3,858,988
  5. Andrii Novak from Ukraine-$3,152,050
  6. LUKCY88889999 from Singapore-$2,445,673
  7. Chris Puetz from Austria-$1,808,229
  8. Gab Yong "GabD" Kim from Hong Kong-$1,493,996

Artur Martirosian had the chip lead at the final table as the action began on May 10 at 7:00 p.m. BST. His stack comprised 6,584,048 chips that were equal to 82.3 big blinds. Still, he is the biggest GGPoker tournament winner and a four-time Super MILLION$ champion.

Martirosian's victory would tie him with Michael Addamo and Niklas Astedt with five Super MILLION$ titles. Fedor Holz was determined to prevent Martirosian from winning another title, and it was his second time to advance to a Super MILLION$ final table despite playing 36 events in two tournament seasons. Yet, Martirosian has played 90 events as Holz had 5,306,581 chips.

Aleks Ponakovs held the third position when action resumed, and he is a former Super MILLION$ champion. He advanced to the previous final table on February 15, 2020, and won $172,271 after finishing fifth.

Still, he qualified for the tournament's final table the following week and won $475,125. Ponakovs had 3,950,435 chips that were equal to 49.4 big blinds.

The Final Table Payouts

  • 1st player – $557,636
  • 2nd player – $429,996
  • 3rd player – $331,572
  • 4th player – $255,677
  • 5th player – $197,154
  • 6th player – $152,026
  • 7th player – $117,228
  • 8th player – $90,395

Christian Rudolph stood in fourth place with 3,858,988 chips that were equal to 48.2 big blinds, and he has won different titles in the past. He started the year by winning the Super Million$, and his fans hoped he would win the second title.

Andrii Novak reached his second Super MILLION$ table with 39.4 big blinds or 3,152,050 chips. He has won more than $233,000 from past Super MILLION$ championships, so finishing in fourth place or better would double his total.

LUCKY88889999 reached his first Super MILLION$ final table and had 2,445,673 chips or 30.6 big blinds. Gab Yong" GabD" Kim and Christopher Puetz were the shortest stacks at the table, and they didn't run on fumes.

It was Puetz's fifth time to reach a Super MILLION$ final table despite participating in the championship 17 times. He currently has 22.6 big blinds or 1,808,229 chips.

Kim reached his first Super MILLION$ final table, and it was his first time to cash in the event in his career. He had 18,7 big blinds or 1,493,996 chips.


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