Felipe “lipe piv” Boianovsky Is the New PokerStars SCOOP $10,000 Main Event Winner and “rolandinjo” Tops the $1,050 SCOOP Main Event

Felipe "lipe piv" Boianovsky topped in the 2023 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) $10,300 Main Event after beating 586 opponents. The tournament had a $5,870,000 prize pool, and Boianovsky got its lion's share after defeating Laszlo "omaha4rollz" Buitas in a tough heads-up match.

None of them feared staking their chips. But, Boianovsky got a vital stack lead after using a pair of queens to call on the ace-high draw board, which Buitas didn't recover.

What Were the Nine Prizes?

  1. Felipe "lipe piv" Boianovsky – $1,036,200
  2. Laszlo "omaha4rollz" Buitas – $768,359
  3. Paulo "paulinhoo00" Brombin – $569,751
  4. DingeBrinker – $422,480
  5. Deiv4za – $313,277
  6. WelcomelNnferNO – $232,300
  7. Daniel "DaniC19941893" Custodio – $172,255
  8. hello_totti – $127,729
  9. Landon "AnyExtras" Tice – $100,011

How the Event Unfolded

The Main Event High lasted for four days and began on May 28. But only 515 players remained at the end of Day 1. Interested players had an opportunity to buy in before Day 2's action kicked off.

The field had increased to 587 entries by Day 2, and the event had a $5,870,000 prize pool. Two hundred thirty-five entrants played on Day 2, and 71 of them cashed.

Rafael "GM VALTER" Moraes and PokerStars Team Pro played on Day 2 but didn't cash. Mike "SirWatts" Watson proceeded to Day 3 with the second largest stack. Yet, he finished third in the Super High Roller.

Two fast eliminations started Day 3's action. hello_totti left the table in eighth place as Buitas increased his stack.

Custodio followed hello_totti in seventh place as the remaining six players battled it out for about an hour. WelcomelNnferNO used ace-three to get in a preflop and faced Paulo Brombin's kings.

Deiv4za left the table in fifth place as the four finalists played almost two levels of four-ways. Two more players got busted, and a heads-up battle between Buitas and Boianovsky kicked off.

The duo exchanged the stack lead several times, each making value bets, bluffs, and calls. Boianovsky faced Buitas' overpair with a nut straight and made an over 100,000,000 double.

The latter doubled and recovered part of his stack. Unfortunately, he didn't get the lead and finished second.

"rolandinjo" Wins the $1,050 SCOOP Main Event

"rolandinjo" bagged $600,640 in the 2023 PokerStars SCOOP $1,050 Main Event. He was third in the chip standings when he advanced to the final table with less than half of the stack leader, Vicente "vicenfish" Delgado's chips.

Still, he ended Delgado's run in the sixth position using king-jack to four-bet jam against his opponent's dominating ace-king call. Delgado's hand dominated before a jack appeared on the river, and he left the table.

Rolandinjo clashed with moffo13 having a 4:1 lead. The latter missed an open-ended straight draw earning the former the victory.

The Tournament's Prizes

  1. rolandinjo – $600,640.75
  2. moffo13 – $424,715.72
  3. Gabriel "aaurelio" Moura – $300,318.49
  4. bombon73 – $212,358.57
  5. Bretera – $150,179.78
  6. Vicente "vicenfish" Delgado – $106,179.78
  7. 2ndOnly2God – $75,080.04
  8. IReadB00ks – $53,090.81
  9. FAPTOPBbIY BACK – $37,540.23


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