Finn’s Golden Tavern — New Leprechaun-Themed Game By NetEnt

Do you know why leprechauns are so often included in various casino games, especially online slots? The main reason for that is that the Irish believe these small creatures from the wood bring good luck to travelers.

Where does one need luck more than in a casino spinning the reels of their favorite slot? People love playing slots with leprechauns, and NetEnt’s developers seem to enjoy making these.

After a huge success of the slot called Finn and the Swirly Spin, the online casino giant decided to make another one and surprise all fans of the first game with another great title filled with these majestic creatures, coins, ale, and magic. The second game, called Finn’s Golden Tavern, is basically a sequel to the first one.

This time, Finn, the protagonist leprechaun, welcomes players to his taverns, which hide many a secret, some of which can make the luckiest of players wealthier.

Apart from the great looks and outstanding animation that were also present in the previous part of the game, this one also includes various interesting bonus features that could help you create a big win. Let’s take a closer look at this game!

Not Standard

The first thing you’ll notice about the slot is that it has a non-standard grid structure. Although there are five reels, each of them actually has five rows as well, as opposed to standard slots, which usually have only three rows.

The majority of symbols on the reels are actually some kind of beverages that are usually located inside a typical Medieval tavern, including ale, wine, and more. Moreover, you can find some other symbols such as coins, chests, etc.

The reels have a spiral pattern, meaning the symbols will always appear in a spiral when you spin it as if one huge reel is twisted. It’s a really interesting concept that adds another layer of entertainment to this game.

In fact, the spin mechanic is such that it actually follows the spiral. If you manage to make a combo, the combined symbols will disappear, and all symbols would move to make space for the new ones to enter.

One of the most important symbols on the reels is actually the wild symbol, which not only has the power to substitute some of the existing symbols but can also explore. In other words, once you make a combination with a Wild in it, the wild will explore and destroy all the symbols in the vertically and horizontally adjacent lines with it.

This will make space for new symbols to avalanche into empty spaces, creating new possibilities of making combinations. The process will be repeated as long as there are combos.

You also want to pay attention to the so-called Free Spins chest symbol that can appear on the reels. This symbol will always be in the farthermost place from the center of the spiral. It cannot be destroyed, and can only progress through to the center as you make avalanche combinations and destroy other symbols along the way.

If the chest symbol manages to reach the center of the spiral, it will activate a total of five free spins. Bonus round works pretty much like the base game, except for the fact that there is a multiplier meter, meaning you have an opportunity to increase the multiplier and increase the final payout.

These are just some of the available features in the game. Just like its predecessor, Finn’s Golden Tavern is packed with interesting bonuses and features that can enhance your slot-spinning experience and help you create big wins.


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