Garret Adelstein Stuns His Loyal Fans When He Announces His Return to Poker

Garret Adelstein hasn't competed in live poker tournaments for over 430 days. However, the Los Angeles poker pro recently posted on X that he will return on the felt. Here are some streams that he is likely to take part in soon.

Poker Night in America

The poker show has enticing digs at Studio 52. It often attracts high-profile pros and might catch Adelstein's interest.

Eshaan Bhalla will clash with Phil Galfond in Poker Night in America’s heads-up battle on Sunday. Still, it might air next week and include Adelstein.

Bally Poker Live

Some people claimed last summer that the Las Vegas poker pro would participate in Bally’s Big Bet Poker at Tropicana Resort. However, it was later rebranded Bally Poker Live.

The show’s producers ran Live at the Bike, a popular stream that Adelstein has competed in and won many times. Bally Poker Live has aired once and Adelstein stated on X that he is interested in multiple streams.

World Poker Tour(WPT) World Championship

Wynn Las Vegas’ WPT World Championship usually features talented players from various states. Adelstein might try his luck at the tournaments. However, he is more interested in the $1,000,000 cash game that will broadcast on December 15.

Some people claim that Adelstein’s over one-year absence in poker events might deter him from risking such a competitive tournament. Still, WPT will hold two low buy-in high-stakes cash games on December 9 and 10. Therefore, the high-stakes pro will likely visit Wynn next week.

The Lodge in Texas

Adelstein likes playing high stakes of at least $50/$100. So, he might not sign up in low-stakes streams and some gaming analysts claim that he won't play at a tournament.

The Lodge Card Club in Texas might be Adelstein’s first gaming destination. The club is renowned for its nosebleed games and Doug Polk co-owns it. He has invested a lot in marketing it amongst other poker pros.

Adelstein prefers to avoid traveling long distances to play on streams. However, he has a few exceptions like when he wants to compete in High Stakes Poker and other highly competitive poker shows. He might opt to visit Texas and try his luck at The Lodge.

Hustler Casino Live

Nick Vertucci, Hustler Casino Live’s co-owner reportedly has a sour friendship with Adelstein. Still, they can agree to solve their differences for entertainment and views reasons as each of them has a huge following on social media.

This can happen since there have been worse breakups in the past. Jennifer Lopez revived her relationship with Ben Affleck after a seventeen-year breakup.

Still, LeBron James joined the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014 after ending his friendship with Dan Gilbert, the team’s owner in 2010. Thus, Adelstein can make an unexpected return to Hustler Casino Live in which he won more than $1.5 million in 14 months.


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